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(Last Updated On: 13th June 2018)

Tucked away, a 5-minute walk from Covent Garden station resides a hidden halal gem by the name of “Broccoli Pizza and Pasta”.

Recently we were invited to eat at Broccoli Pizza and pasta. A small joint, where Italian food is cooked swiftly and to perfection. Everything is made to order by the chefs. You can also choose everything from the oil, filling, pasta, vegetables and even seasoning. The concept is comparable to the Subway franchise but the only difference is that Broccoli is tastier and better.

Broccoli currently has over a 100 branches worldwide. Mainly in the Middle East. One of the best thing about them is that they have a full halal menu.

Italian is one of my favourite cuisines alongside Mexican and Indian. Although, in London, it has been proven difficult to find a good Italian place which serves a full halal menu.

Broccoli is small, with a few seats downstairs. They also offer a takeaway and delivery service for pizza and pasta too. When we walked in, the chefs kindly greeted us and seated us downstairs with the menu.

The menu was really simple. Each page featuring a section for different Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta and salads. A nice small casual area to dine, with wooden stalls, this place definitely is a good lunch or dinner time spot. Especially if you’re shopping around in Covent Garden.

The chefs were very pleasant when they came to take our order. Not only were they knowledgeable about the menu but they were able to give recommendations on what goes well together.

Create your own pasta – Prawn Fettuccine Pasta

This is the Halal Grubbin’ recommended combination for a lightly spiced savoury prawn pasta dish. Are you ready? So start off with the chilli oil with prawns. I believe prawns are best served with some sort of chilli or tomato flavour so we added some tomato, broccoli, pepper and onions to accompany it.

We went with a chunky tomato sauce for our prawn pasta. For the seasoning, we added chilli flakes, parmesan and salt and pepper. We were told the parmesan was halal, so points for that!

Broccoli Pizza and Pasta Covent Garden London

The food was cooked fresh and served right away. We waited no longer than 10 minutes for our food to arrive. The pasta was al dente! Soft, firm and cooked to perfection. Covered in a tomato sauce, with a kick of chilli and a coating of melted grated cheese spread out. The broccoli was also chopped into small enough pieces where it wasn’t soggy or hard. It was in the middle and didn’t take up the whole plate. Making it pleasant to eat. This combination was absolutely astounding.

The Chicken Farfalle Pasta made by Broccoli

We also wanted to give the chicken a try. Under the chef’s advice, he told us to try the farfalle pasta with the chicken.

For the oil, we opted for the garlic oil because garlic and chicken are just awesome. We added mushrooms, onions and a few jalapenos. Seasoned with parmesan, oregano, chilli flakes, salt and pepper.

Halal Pizza and Pasta London

We went for the rose sauce with the chicken. I know many people may be put off by the thought of rose flavoured sauce but it’s not the same as what you may be thinking of. It’s actually a sort of mix between the Alfredo (white sauce) and tomato sauce.

There was a generous amount of chicken, sliced into cubes, it did taste a little processed. The chicken cube was a little soft, without much texture but it wasn’t a deal breaker. Once again the pasta was al dente. The sauce was creamy, rich in flavour and the dish was full of brilliant.

The Meat Lovers Pizza!

We could not resist pizza. Especially one named “Meat Lovers”. Pizza and meat, that’s one of the most blessed combinations out there. We ordered an 8-inch pizza. It was big enough for two people because we also had pasta. The pizza was freshly cooked, topped with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, beef and chicken sausage.

Halal Pizza and Pasta in Covent Garden

Broccoli Pizza and Pasta Covent Garden

The chicken sausage was seasoned very well. It had a tiny kick of spice to it too. The overall dough was fluffy and soft. The tomato sauce was spread to the edges as well as the cheese. Every bite was heavenly.

Free Garlic Bread Side

You can get a free garlic bread with every order too! A fine oven-baked flatbread brushed with garlic flavour and oil – this garlic bread was evenly as good as everything else we had eaten from Broccoli, in Covent Garden.

In Conclusion

Broccoli is a small place in Covent Garden but a big franchise. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable about the food they cook. All the dishes felt heartwarming, delicious and enough to share between two. For Covent Garden, you cannot skip this place without visiting it for lunch or dinner. We were invited here and our meals were complimentary. But, our opinion on the food remains honest and we will be back again for the pasta and perhaps lasagne too! This place can be compared to Zizzi’s restaurant but at a fraction of the cost and with a fully halal menu.

Broccoli Pizza and Pasta
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    Service - 10/10
  • 6/10
    Atmosphere - 6/10


– The whole menu is Halal and HMC certified
– Child and family-friendly
– No alcohol is served on the premises

Location: 49 Bedford St, London WC2E 9HA (5-minute walk from Covent Garden Underground)


Instagram: @broccoli_uk

Facebook: Broccoli UK

Additional Information

Broccoli Pizza and Pasta is a small joint, best for lunches and dinner, in our opinion. They have offers on Monday such as pasta for £5 on Monday and £10 for a medium pizza, drink and salad.

Price for 1

Last modified: 13th June 2018

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