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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

If you’re in the borough of Haringey or area of Tottenham, then you need to head over to Bruce Grove for some thick and juicy burgers! Inspired by the fictional character The Hulk, Bruce Burgers, conveniently located in Bruce Grove does juicy burgers.

With options of lamb chops, wings and even dessert. The simple menu at Bruce Burgers makes it easy to pick a meal. With options to go for a naked, single, double or triple patty burger. All with options of it being fully loaded with lettuce, caramelised onions, cheese, pickles, special sauces and more. I went for the double burger with a lamb and beef patty.

You can add as many patties as you want including mixing up chicken with beef, halloumi, plantain, onion rings, whatever you like, Bruce Burgers will make it for you. I always like having my burger custom made because then I get to control what meat variations, salads and sauces to put in.

Everything from the BBQ to the chilli sauce is handmade in the kitchen. The last time I had a burger built with my choices was from Fat Burger.

Bruce Burgers at the Back with Entertainment

At the back of the house, there’s this amazing part of the burger joint, where you can relax, chill, with heating, projector, PlayStation, gaming and live matches of football and boxing. This is a great hangout place for children birthday parties as well as social gatherings and groups looking for a fun time with good food to enjoy.

Bruce Burgers Double Patty Fully Loaded

For a double patty burger from Bruce, it’s £13. Whoa, that’s expensive! But, it also comes with a choice of fries and a drink. You can choose between sweet potato fries, chunky chips or curly fries. Worth it now right? I opted in for water and they didn’t just deliver your any old cheap bottle, they served the ones that come in a glass bottle. So they’re not cutting corners on the drinks or water for that matter.

You can add as many patties and combinations as you like. I was recommended to go for a beef and lamb patty because the two types of meat compliment each other’s flavours and I wasn’t disappointed. However, I forget to specify how I wanted my burgers made, usually, I go for medium-rare, but it arrived well done. Which I didn’t mind.

The brioche bun was toasted, with lovely grill marks on top of the burger.

Bruce Burgers Halal Restaurant in Bruce Grove Tottenham

Bruce Burgers Tottenham London Restaurant

Bruce Burgers Review London

Bruce Burgers Halal Burger Restaurant in Tottenham

Bruce Burgers Tottenham North London Halal

Both the lamb and beef patties were thick and juicy. Succulent in flavour complimented by the in-house made BBQ and chilli sauce. The sauce, unfortunately, lacked a kick of spice and felt a little watered down by tomatoes. I was told that the chilli sauce wasn’t made as good as it usually is because the chef had tried something different. Given the benefit of the doubt, I can tell a good chilli sauce would go amazing with this burger.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed a serving of curly fries with my meal along with a tasty homemade BBQ sauce dip.

In Conclusion

I definitely need to revisit this burger joint and experience the other patty’s on offer. They offer a jerk chicken patty, made from the thigh to keep it succulent and tender in flavour. Bruce also has a variety of milkshakes, wings and lamb chops. On Wednesday they offer free wings with every meal, called “wings Wednesday”.

Customer service was great, with the owner ensuring that the food served was all good and asking whether you wanted or needed anything. We were even offered a cheesecake for free. When I come back, I want to try the Bruce Beef patty with the jerk chicken patty. The Bruce Beef patty features scotch bonnet and onions inside the patty. Spice baby!

Bruce Burgers is definitely worth a try! Comment down below if you visited or connect with me on Instagram @HalalGrubbin to share your experience.

Bruce Burgers
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– All meat is Halal
– This is a child and family-friendly establishment

Location: 93 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, London N17 6UZ

Instagram: @bruceburgers

Twitter: @bruceburgers

Wings Wednesday Offer

Every Wednesday, enjoy free wings with every meal!

Bruce Burgers Loyalty Card

Bruce Burgers also offers a loyalty card where you can earn free wings, burgers and more. Earn a stamp with every visit.

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019