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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

Band of Burgers is a halal restaurant, located in Brick Lane and Camden. The Camden branch is about half the size of the Brick Lane restaurant but they both serve the same menu.

With a good selection of beef patty burgers, ranging from a double patty burger (The Elvis) to a burger with a cheese patty which is supposed to ooze out cheddar.

They have a small chicken burger menu too, for those who prefer or feel like having a chicken burger. Also, if you’re a vegetarian or want fish, they can accommodate for that as well.

I visited both branches of Band of Burgers (BOB) and I found a difference in service and atmosphere. In both branches, it is decorated with musicians, from Amy Winehouse to The Beetles. To keep up the theme of the restaurant name “Band of Burgers”, they named their food menu items around musical artists and play on words.

Is Band of Burgers Camden Halal

Is Band of Burgers Brick Lane Halal

Signature Big Love Wagyu Burger

Seeing ‘Signature’ on the menu, I had to try it out to see what BOB is all about. The signature big love wagyu burger comes with red onion marmalade, maple glazed turkey bacon with melted Monterey Jack cheese served with a rather bizarre bone marrow on the side. The burger was gorgeous, from the soft bun to the tender and juicy beef patty. The patty is made from Wagyu beef, a type of Japanese cow.

Band of Burgers Signature Wagyu Burger

Band of Burgers Signature Wagyu

It was seasoned well and complimented with red onion marmalade, turkey bacon and melted cheese. Q’oh it was a party in my mouth.

The Elvis Burger

Are you a fan of double patty burgers? This burger is packed with two beef patties and cheese between a soft brioche bun. It’s huge and juicy but got dry and cold quick. I felt the need to open the burger up to add ketchup due to the dryness. Don’t let the burger get cold. Have it while it’s warm for the best feeling with your taste buds. I had this burger twice, the second time, the patty was extremely under-seasoned and bland.

The Elvis Burger from Band of Burgers

The American Burger by Band of Burgers

This burger is nothing like advertised. Advertised all over their Instagram, sponsored blog posts is this rather amazing looking burger, with a block of breaded fried aged mild cheddar, which literally melts, pours and oozes out a thick slab of cheese when cut into it. The reality of the burger was quite the opposite. The cheese did not melt nor ooze down and the burger had no seasoning. It was quite upsetting as well as disappointing.

Burger from Band of Burgers - The American

The American Band of Burgers Burger

The American Band of Burgers

Create your own BOB burger

We also created my own burger. BOB gives you an option of beef, chicken, lamb, portobello mushroom, or smoked salmon patties. You can then top it off with your very own cheese and toppings (caramelised onions, jalapeños, mushroom, aubergine etc). You also get to choose your own sauce to go in your burger.

The purpose was to make it yours. They even allow you to add an extra patty for £3.50 or bacon for £1 more. You don’t always have to double up with the same patty, you can choose to do something like beef and chicken if you’d like.

We decided to build a simple burger with a kick of spice. Adding a single beef patty, cheese, jalapeños and spicy tomato relish. All custom burgers are topped with house mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and gherkins.

Chicken Burgers

My friends decided to get a chicken burger. I didn’t have a taste so I have no idea what it was like but from their mouth “It was good… It was okay”. They got “The B.B Queen” and “Funky Chicken” I believe. Here is a picture of the “Funky Chicken”.

Band of Burgers Chicken Burger

Mucky Finger Chips

If it’s one thing I find hard to resist from ordering from any restaurant that it’s available in, it’s cheesy fries. The mucky fingers are simply BOB chips, covered in melted cheese, that was a winner for me. However, from Band of Burgers, I found the Thyme after Thyme fries to be even better.

Thyme After Thyme Fries

If you’re not feeling like having cheese or don’t want the extra calories with your fries. Then go for “Thyme After Thyme”. Topped with dried rosemary and thyme, it really gives your chips a burst of flavour, making it all the more delicious. The chips are served hot, fluffy inside, with a crisp exterior.

Service with a hiccup at checkout!

The service was not bad, everything was smooth apart from a hiccup at checkout. A group of friends and I decided to split the bill. After receiving the bill as a whole.

Whilst the cashier split the bill ‘equally’, he forgot to include a compulsory VAT charge and didn’t include that in his ‘equal’ split. I was the last to pay when he mentioned that he forgot to add a VAT charge when splitting the bill. It resulted in me paying £4 extra to my total bill. In this case, do you think in this case the manager should have taken into consideration his mistake and left the extra charge or charge one person for the entire tables VAT?

In conclusion, Band of Burgers can be a hit and miss. Some days it may hit the perfect spot, satisfy all cravings and on other days it can make your day a complete misery.

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Band of Burgers
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– Fully halal menu
– No alcohol served
– Child and family friendly
– Brick Lane branch is 3 minutes away from a mosque

Camden Branch: 23 Camden High St, Kings Cross, London NW1 7JE

Brick Lane Branch: 22 Osborn St, London E1 6TD


Instagram: @bandofburgersuk

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019