Is Beef and Birds Halal? Newly Launched Restaurant in Brick Lane

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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

A newly opened restaurant, by the name of Beef and Birds, opened up in the heart of Brick Lane. I had gotten a chance to speak with the owner who has a huge passion and love for great quality food.

The menu was developed with the help of an award-winning chef, Christian Stoner. A former Executive chef of a well established and popular burger chain: Meat and Shake.

According to Feed the Lion, Christian Stoner stated

With so many burger places in London it was important to us that it was different. Using the diversity of the Brick Lane area we tried to put some twists that people wouldn’t have seen before on both the burgers and the fried chicken. But it wasn’t just to be quirky; at the heart of it, it needed to have great burgers and great fried chicken and that’s what you’re gonna get.Christian Stoner

I have been told by the owner of Beef and Birds that all their birds are brined in a special recipe involving buttermilk. Making it extremely tender and succulent. The beef from Beef and Birds are grass-fed, ethically sourced and matured for 29 days giving it an amazing meaty flavour.

First Impression by Looking Beef and Birds Menu

I was delighted to be greeted with a small, one-page menu, which didn’t overwhelm me with choices. Just by looking at the menu, it was easy to see that it was inspired by American and British flavours. While also taking on flavours of the local area, Brick Lane, with “Naga” (really hot chilli) on the menu.

Texas Brisket Chilli Burger

It was recommended that this burger was one to try. I had to get it. A simple beef patty with chilli con carne. It sounds like a sloppy joe burger but the chilli con carne is made using brisket. Topped with cheese and a jalapeno.

Beef and Birds Christian Stoner

This burger was holding itself up like a charm, between the soft, light and fluffy brioche bun! The patty was super succulent and the chilli con carne cooked beautifully. I didn’t find this burger chilli at all. So if you are perhaps looking for something spicier, try the “Angry Bird” burger.

UPDATE: I revisited Beef and Birds and tried the Texas Brisket chilli burger again, however, the second time it wasn’t as juicy as before. It was a little dry. Nonetheless, with some added chilli sauce, this burger was still not too bad. I also tried the Angry Bird, Dirty Diana and Dark Chocolate BBQ chicken wings! You can read my review of that here.

Clucky the Vampire Slayer

This was my favourite burger. It had surprised me by a lot. Filled with garlic butter, cheese, coleslaw and fried chicken. The burger was far from average. The chicken was previously brined in a ‘secret’ recipe, involving buttermilk, which penetrates the meat. Softening it and making it juicy, succulent and tender.

Beef and Birds Whitechapel Halal Review

I asked the founder what part of the chicken was used in the Clucky the Vampire Slayer burger and he had informed me it was the breast, which had really gotten me by surprise.

I fully recommend this chicken burger. If you’re a fan of fried chicken, read about my review of Mother Clucker, a great place with amazing southern flavours!

Korean Wings – These were good!

The Korean wings by Beef and Bird are simply amazing. The skin is crisp, coated with sesame seed and a slight hint of a sweet flavour. The sweetness isn’t overpowering and is balanced perfectly. With a crisp, crunchy outside and a juicy inside. These are a must from the menu!

Beef and Birds Brick Lane Restaurant Review

Is Beef and Birds Halal

On a later date I revisited Beef and Birds and tried their unusual BBQ dark chocolate chicken wings, you can read about there here.

The Service and Atmosphere

The service could definitely improve, as you walk into the restaurant, there is nobody to greet you or to take you to a table. Food was quick to arrive, in 7 minutes my order was served. The waiters were extremely friendly and I had spoken with the owner. The owner explained to me the idea behind Beef and Birds, the simplicity, his excitement for good food and future ideas for the joint. Including introducing duck to the menu.

This place is definitely one to keep your eyes on, as I see big potential coming out from here in the future. I went for the soft launch and got 50% off.

Be sure to read part two of my updated review of Beef and Birds.

If you have been here or have any recommendations, please leave a comment below or connect with me over at Instagram @HalalGrubbin.

Beef and Birds
  • 8/10
    Food - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Value - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Service - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Atmosphere - 7/10


– A full Halal establishment verified by Muslim owner and certificates
– Family and child-friendly establishment
– No Alcohol is served on the premises

Location: 76 Brick Lane, London E1 6RL


Instagram: @beefandbirds

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Price for 1: £16

Last modified: 4th May 2019