Is Boondocks Halal? American Diner in Old St Review

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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

Boondocks! Halal Burgers, Milkshakes, Chicken and Waffles! If you have ever been around Oxford Circus, Carnaby Street, there is a place called Stax Diner with exceptional Southern American food. Well, Boondocks is Stax Diner’s larger, but young sister joint. An amplified version of Stax Diner, with a few extras. You see Stax Diner is a small joint and due to the size isn’t group, family or child-friendly.

Boondocks serves the same menu as Stax but also feature a brunch menu, which Stax does not currently accommodate for. So Boondocks is essentially bigger, family-friendly and accessible by all! The restaurant is located on City Road, by Old Street Station, serving Southern American burgers, milkshakes, popcorn shrimps – and a favourite of mine: chicken and waffles!

Boondocks vs Stax Diner – All part of the Feed Your Soul Family

First of all, what I love most about the Feed your Soul family restaurants, is that it’s all halal. Remember Boondocks is the younger sister of Stax Diner. It has more space to accommodate larger groups of people and families. My first impression of Boondocks, walking in, made me instantly smile. Much like Stax Diner, the theme was American except Boondocks was an enhanced version.

The interior decor, the neon lighting, the ornaments, soul food recipe books, banjos, all represented the soul from Southern America. It even had pages of musical notes all over as the wallpaper. Boondocks really succeeds in bringing out a celebration of the Southern American culture.

Boondocks Feed Your Soul Family Halal

Boondocks City Road

Whilst there is no real competition between the two sisters, I have to say Stax Diners had put my expectations up high. I was expecting the same quality from Stax Diners at Boondocks. You can read about my experience at Stax Diner here.

Our Order Summary

  • Chicken and Waffles £12.95
  • The Big Stax Burger £11.50
  • Popcorn Shrimp Bucket £6.75
  • Mocha Crunch Milkshake £5.75
  • Coke £2.75

Total: £36.95 + 12.5% optional service charge. Whoo! Big bill for sure.

Boondocks Chicken and Waffles

First up, Chicken and Waffles! I absolutely loved this from Stax Diner so I had to have it from Boondocks. How well did it hold up?

When it was served, it pretty much looked the same. The only difference was the plate. I was excited to dig in. I drizzled the syrup over the chicken and waffles. Though, when I stuck my knife and fork into it I was hugely disappointed. Some of the chicken was just crispy batter on its own. To make matters worse, the chicken was dry! No Boondocks, what have you done to the Chicken and Waffles. I’m praying this was a one-off because Stax Diner’s chicken certainly was much succulent, juicy and tastier.

The Big Stax Burger from Boondocks

Stax does the Big Stax burger beautifully. Juicy patty, seasoned so fine, with tender beef bacon. It really was one of the best burgers I’ve had. So I decided to get the same thing from Boondocks to see how it holds up. Once again, the burger looked beautiful from the outside. I was really looking forward to it. I requested the burger to be cooked to medium however it arrived more well done. It wasn’t busy but the waiting time was rather lengthy.

Boondocks Halal Restaurant Review

Boondocks Halal Burger

The first bite of the burger was delicious. It was going well. The second bite, however, just didn’t taste as good as the first. Okay, let’s move onto the third bite. Huge disappointment. Biting into the beef bacon was like biting into a pebble. I had to pull and have a tug of war battle with the beef bacon. It was extremely hard, chewy and tough.

Popcorn Shrimp Bucket and Mocha Crunch Shake

King Prawns, Tiger Prawns, Prawns, Shrimps, anything of the sort, is an absolute favourite of mine! So we had to order the popcorn shrimps. We also ordered this from Stax and wanted to try it from Boondocks because it was so good. Fortunately, we can say that these were just as good as the first time we had it at Stax. A very generous amount of batter shrimps, soft and juicy, along with the Southern comeback sauce. Omph! Pure love.

Is Boondocks Halal

Boondocks Old Street London

I’m a huge fan of coffee. Americano, white coffee, latte, cappuccino, the whole lot. So I decided to opt-in for a mocha crunch shake. The milkshake was average at best for me. The coffee did make the milkshake really bitter. Overall, this milkshake will definitely go down well with a strong coffee lover. We enjoyed it but it just became a little too bitter for us towards the bottom.

Conclusion: Disappointed

We had walked in with high expectations but were left rather disappointed. It did not live up to the reputation of Stax Diner. We were expecting the same quality and high standards. Unfortunately, the service nor food lived up to the measures of Stax. We visited around 4 pm on a weekday, it wasn’t busy at all. We do really want to give Boondocks another try.

Our next visit to Boondocks was for Brunch. You can read about that here. Boondocks is part of the Feed your Soul family, which includes: Stax Diner, Butterscotch London and the Famous Flames.

If you want to go for a seriously tasty brunch meal, read about my visit to Brioche Burger and their unique twist to the Full English. Delish!

I would love to know what you thought of Boondocks. Leave a comment below or connect with me @HalalGrubbin on Instagram or Twitter.

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– All meats are halal
– No pork but alcohol present
– This is a child-friendly establishment

Location: 205 City Rd, Hoxton, London EC1V 1JN


Instagram: @boondocksldn

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019