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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

A new burger joint has recently launched on Sunday 1st October 2017 called Burger Bros. Burger Bros is a halal burger joint venture located in the borough of Lambeth, not far from Brixton. I had heard about the launch of the new halal burger joint, from the official Burger Bros Instagram page (@burgerbrosuk).

I was eager to check this place out. Burger Bros is a ‘handcrafted’ burger joint. They use free-range beef, which is grass fed and outdoor-reared from Kent. The burger joint is rather small, with a seating capacity of 18 people. They also offer takeaway and delivery services. But that’s not to stop Burger Bros from getting bespoke dining furniture handmade by a person named Mukarram (@bigmuks on Instagram). The bespoke handmade furniture went perfectly with the handcrafted burger theme.

Burger Bros Streatham Halal

Burger Bros First Impressions

The place is pretty small but that’s not an issue. It’s brightly lit up, with wooden flooring and furniture. As I mentioned before, Burger Bros are ‘handcrafted’ burgers. What better way to make that a statement by presenting handmade furniture to go along with it? The dining furniture was solid and the quality was amazing. Good job on that for sure! Totally adds points to the theme and vibe.

There weren’t many customers when I arrived, however, you can feel the kitchen becoming overwhelmed as orders came in. You can sense the stress of the poor cashier, as she rushed back and forth between the chefs and customers all while making milkshakes.

Our Order Summary

Since it was the soft launch of Burger Bros, they were giving 50% off the whole menu. So we decided to order a variation of items from the menu to taste. We got two beef burgers, a chicken burger, peri-peri wings, cheese fries, house fries and a oreo milkshake. All beef patties are served medium-well and served on a brioche bun. I asked for the Bacon Big Cheese to be medium-rare.

The Beef Burgers:

  • Bacon Big Cheese £7.95
  • Spicy Boy Blue £7.95

The Chicken Burger & the Rest:

  • Big Bird £7.25
  • 5 Peri Peri Wings £3.45
  • Cheese Fries £2.25
  • House Fries £1.45
  • Oreo Milkshake £3.95

We were served our drinks after a 10-minute wait. I watched the cashier as she made the milkshake, adding a generous amount of ice-cream and Oreos. Then pouring it from the blender into a big metal cup. The milkshake was absolutely on point. Could not have faulted it at all.

Another 20 mins went past and we were still waiting for our order to arrive. The place was still fairly empty with other customers waiting just as long. I was just hoping it will all be worth the wait at the end.

How was the Beef Burgers?

This is perhaps the most important question. The beef patties. All beef is free-range and handcrafted and then cooked. They serve it medium-well unless asked otherwise. I had a slight problem with the brioche buns being over-toasted to a point where it was slightly burnt. It gave off an unpleasent bitter burnt taste from the bun.

The Bacon Big Cheese

I actually enjoyed the outer bit of this burger. I had it cooked medium-rare. It was a tasty burger, seasoned very well. However, the centre of the burger was smushy and extremely rare. It put me off from the burger and I ended up being unable to finish it. Another thing I should mention was the brioche bun was over-toasted, making it burnt on the edges.

Please remember this was their first day of launch, a soft launch, so feedback was highly appreciated by them. Burger Bros always work on making their game stronger and better.

The Bacon Big Cheese Burger

Burger Bros Bacon Cheese

Spicy Boy Blue

This burger was served medium-well. The burger at first glance looked perfect. A few bites into it, the blue cheese became very overpowering, taking over the taste of the burger. As for the spice, the only source of heat was given from the jalapeno, which didn’t cut it for me. This burger had a lot of potential if you reduce the blue cheese and add a little more spice.

We were enjoying the burger, however, as we got towards the center, we were getting a very bitter taste. Upon inspection, we noticed the patty was burnt in the middle. It was disappointing to have a burnt patty and bun at the same time. So we stopped eating that.

Spicy Boy Blue Burger Bros Streatham

We were offered a new burger but kindly declined the offer because we had finished most of it. Also, another reason we declined was because the kitchen looked overwhelmed and stressed with pots and pans flying everywhere. I didn’t want to add to it.

How was the Big Bird Chicken Burger

verall of the three burgers I had from Burger Bro, the chicken Big Bird burger was the best. Part of the the chicken patty was just batter, with little chicken inside. That small issue alone, made it difficult to get a cross-section-cut of the burger. The chicken fillet is dipped in buttermilk and seasoned. It had gingery taste.

Big Bird Burger by Burger Bros

Big Burger Burger Cross Section

Peri Peri Wings, House Fries and Disappointing Cheese Fries by Burger Bros

I couldn’t fault the peri wings. They came at a medium heat, were succulent, juicy, hot and tasty. House fries are normal medium-thickness chips. Nothing special. You just need to add your own salt.

Burger Bros Streatham Takeaway

Burger Bros Streatham Cheese Fries

Oreo Milkshake from Burger Bros

THE CHEESE FRIES however were extremely disappointing. They were served late because they had forgotten to give it. On top of that, I thought they had made a mistake. I returned the chips, explaining I had ordered cheese fries. I was told, what I had, was, in fact, the cheese fries. A tiny sprinkle of parmesan over the house fries was not worth the extra price. Just take a look at the picture of it.

We did contact Burger Bros about the cheese fries later, through Instagram. They had informed us they use finely grate gran kineri cheese. I wish they had stated this more obviously in their menu, so people can avoid disappointment.

Overall Verdict

Unless they improve the cheese fries, to make it into a proper one, avoid ordering it. The peri wings are worth trying. It also comes in a BBQ and Buffalo flavour.

If you want a beef burger, I suggest going for the Bacon Big Cheese, yes the bacon is halal. I had it served medium-rare, although I believe the chefs still need practice perfecting that. So stick to medium-well.

Burger Bros are a newly opened halal burger joint. I believe they still have a lot of areas to improve. Especially the beef patties. I’d love to see a different kind of cheese fries the next time I visit. You have to remember it was the first day of launch of a small burger joint. It was manic for them too. I’m really hoping Burger Bros can improve their food. You can tell a lot of pride and care was taken into transforming the place.

I wish Burger Bros the best of luck! In the future, I look forward to visiting again soon and hope it has changed and gotten better. By the way, do not skip the milkshakes! They are delicious.

Why not check out Beef and Birds, in Brick Lane, another newly opened burger joint, serving up some delicious food.

Burger Bros
  • 5/10
    Food - 5/10
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    Value - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Service - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Atmosphere - 7/10


– Fully halal verified by Muslim Owners
– Does not serve alcohol on the premises
– Only 18 seats available

Location: 6 Sunnyhill Road, London SW16 2UH

Website: burger-bros.co.uk

Instagram: @burgerbrosuk

Price for 2 with 50% Off

Last modified: 4th May 2019