Is Burgeri Halal? The UK’s Halal McDonald’s Alternative in Oxford Circus

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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

Burgeri was founded in the Gulf and has been brought to the United Kingdom. A small fast food restaurant, in the heart of Central London. Serving up burgers, fries, hot dogs, mocktails and shakes.

The restaurant does remind you of many places in the UAE, with the Arabic writing along with the English translation beside it. When arriving, if you aren’t alone, I would recommend finding some seats to reserve. Check the menu if you’re new and then go up to order.

There is one queue to make your order. Once you have given your order you will be given a paging device, which you take with you to your seat. When that paging device buzzes, you take it to the front, grab your food and sit down to eat.

Customers were coming in and out. I was in a rush that day, so I decided to order a basic meal. Two B. Special burgers and cheesy fries. Along with a cup of Sprite and Fanta. The service took 20 minutes for my food to be ready.

Burgeri Oxford Circus

Burgeri UAE Qatar

The B.Special Burger by Burgeri – A McDonalds Big Mac Alternative?

The Big Mac by McDonald’s is perhaps famous to many people but as we know it’s not halal in the UK. However, for those of you who were fortunate to visit a country where McDonald’s is halal, you may have enjoyed the Big Mac burger, with that special Big Mac sauce.

The B. Special burger actually reminded me exactly of the Big Mac and even the sauce had tasted the same. Overall, it was an extremely tasty burger but I was left disappointed by the size of the burger. A burger so small, you can easily finish it in 3 bites. As I said, I was in a rush, I would have ordered another burger but I couldn’t afford the time to wait another 20 minutes or more.

For £5.25 you can get the B. Classic, which is just the bun and an Angus patty, for 25 pence more, you can add cheese and for £5.50 you can get the B. Special.

What is ‘special’ about the B. Special is that it comes with the Angus patty, topped with cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and Burgeri sauce. The sauce tastes much like the Big Mac sauce, without a doubt.

The burger patty is also thin, but it didn’t crumble, unlike Fat Burger, which is another fast food halal burger joint.

For a £3 extra, you can double your patty. Still a very small burger.

Burger B Special Burger

Burgeri from Oxford Circus Halal

Halal Burger Regent Street

Cheesy Fries… Erm, sorry, Squeezy Fries

I’m a fan of cheese fries, with melted cheddar on top of crispy fluffy fires. For £3.50 the fries were not worth it. Basic wrinkle fries topped with squeeze cheese that just tasted bleugh.

Burgeri Cheesy Fries

The drinks were £2.75 each for a regular cup. That’s almost the same price as a Subway breakfast sub.

Overall Service, Atmosphere and Value

While I did enjoy my tasty burger, it was very small and had left me hungry. For £5.50 it definitely wasn’t enough. The portions were tiny.

The interior was bright, clean and pleasant, although small. There’s only one place to give orders, meaning the queue can sometimes be long.

The value for money is worth the taste of the food but not the quantity. I believe I will be back here to try more from the menu. My total spend was £20 and I left hungry. If you come here, for two people, I would budget a price of at least £35 to spend to get a decent, filling, meal.

Additionally, if you looking for a good, big burger, which is filling and within a budget of under £25, read about FatBoyz in East Ham.

If you have been here or have a place to recommend, comment down below or connect with me on Instagram @HalalGrubbin.

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– All meats served are verified Halal
– Family and child-friendly establishment

Location: 22 Great Marlborough Street London W1F 7HU


Instagram: @burgeridoha

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019