Is Chilango Halal? Mexican Burrito Chain Review – Grilled Prawn Burrito

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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

Chilango is a Mexican restaurant. The typical decoration of a Chilango chain is usually covered in comical Lucha Libre wrestling artwork featuring Luchadores, old Mexican classic cars and women. It always reminds me of Rey Mysterio. The word Chilango originates from Mexico and is a Mexican slang demonym for residents of Mexico City. I’m a sucker for Mexican food because I love the spices, aroma and colours. It’s so similar to another favourite cuisine of mine, Indian.

Chilango offers a small menu. Choosing from it isn’t difficult. Especially for me, as I only eat halal. I have two options from the menu: vegetarian or grilled prawn.

You can choose from 3 types of way to eat your food, the choices are as a: burrito, hot box, salad or tacos. The hot box is everything in a burrito, without the tortilla. You can bet that I went for the grilled prawn burrito.

Chilango Mexican Burrito Chain

Chilango Mexican Chain Artwork

I’ve visited Chilango about 5 or 6 times now and I always went for the grilled prawn burrito. On all occasions, the prawns were grilled fresh upon order so the waiting time is around 4 minutes. Guacamole is an extra 75p. They have a range of salsa, ranging from mild to hot. I always go for hot. Most franchises have lime and water complimentary, so I tend to pick one up to go with my burrito.

Something to take note of is the grilled prawn option is an extra £1.50. So in total £8.45 for one burrito. Quite expensive but I enjoy a burrito every now and then. Cover the prawns with some lime and Tabasco sauce for some extra flavour. The prawns have always been delivered with a wonderful texture. I can compare the exterior of the prawn to a crunchy grape. Pink in colour, bouncy in texture and slightly firm with a slight hint of a crunch! Delicious. Oh, did I mention they’re very generous with the prawn portion size? Yep.

Is Chilango Halal - Prawn Burrito

What do you get in your burrito when you visit Chilango?

Having visited Chilango several times, I have found the perfect combination, for my personal taste. I like my burritos with grilled prawns, pinto beans, rice, peppers, fiery verde salsa, sour cream, lettuce and cheese.

So what are your final thoughts on Chilango?

I’m still in search of the perfect burrito. The reason I actually go to Chilango is that I get their burritos for free. Don’t worry, free, doesn’t mean I would say it’s amazing. It’s just what you expect from a burrito really. Rice, beans, guacamole, your meat (or veggies), salsa all wrapped in a tortilla and then foil wrapped ready to rip into and eat.

Chilango isn’t halal but they do offer vegetarian and prawn options. I always opt-in for the grilled prawn burrito. They cook them fresh upon ordering. I always go for the hottest sauce salsa available. At the tables, if you eat in, you would find free complimentary water, lime and more hot sauces like Tobasco.

The prices of the grilled prawns are quite high for a burrito at £8.45. While they do serve very tasty burritos, I wouldn’t say it’s the most budget-friendly or the best. Certainly not bad either. The interior makes it a fun place to eat and socialise with friends.

I’m still in search of the greatest burrito. If you know any great tasting places where I can get ‘a-life-changing-burrito’ in London, be sure to let me know!

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– Chilango does not serve halal meat although have vegetarian and seafood options
– Prawns are usually freshly grilled to order and there is no cross-contamination
– Tacos and salads are also available

Location: 27 Upper Street, Angel, Islington, London, N1 0PN

Other Locations: Find a Chilango near me?


Instagram: @Chilango_UK

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Last modified: 4th May 2019