Is Novikov Halal? Asian and Italian Restaurant Review

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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

It’s a beautiful evening, and you want to go out for some fine dining. The name Novikov appears, and you ask yourself the question, is Novikov halal?

To answer your question, it’s partially halal. Novikov, located 2 minutes from Green Park station is situated in Mayfair – where a fleet of Arab supercars wanders the street. The restaurant and bar are split into two. The back features an Italian dining experience. The front of the house boasts a beautiful Asian dining experience, with fresh fish stock on display: lobster, and eels among other seafood creatures.

It was a rainy day in London. We approached the restaurant doors, where we were greeted by a doorman, who kindly took our umbrella and placed it into a bag before directing us in. A hostess then welcomed us – we confirmed our booking and was brought to the table. We chose to dine at the Asian side.

The atmosphere was buzzing, with plenty of chatter. The music was loud enough to block off others from hearing your conversations but not so loud where you couldn’t hear the people you were with. It also gave created a somewhat chilled vibe, where the music wasn’t too dull.

After being seated, we were given the menu and offered water, costing us £5.95. We gladly accepted, then I looked down at the menu and all I could think during that moment – sheesh these prices are high! On the list, there were things like “Duck and Pancakes with Royal Caviar” (halal by the way) for £139.

Everything halal on the menu had a convenient halal icon next to the name of the dish. We opted for Prawn Tempura and Avocado sushi roll, Singaporean noodles with prawns, duck fried rice, crispy chicken honey and lime and Korean prawns. We then got a coke soft drink and Lava Lamp mocktail.

Prawn Tempura and Avocado Sushi Rolls

From the Sushi section of the menu, we opted for Prawn Tempura and Avocado sushi rolls for £13.90. I’m not a huge fan of Sushi. However, I was taken away by these sushi rolls. They were beyond belief, honestly delicious. It had a right balance of prawns, avocado, and rice. Balanced exceptionally well, allowing you to taste all the individual flavours. The sushi rolls were perhaps one of my favourite dishes from Novikov, and that’s coming from somebody who does not enjoy sushi.

Novikov Singaporean Noodles with Prawn Halal

Singaporen Noodles at Novikov

The Singapore noodles came with a generous amount of prawns for the price of £12. The skinny Singaporean noodles were stir-fried, covered with flavour, red onions, mixed vegetables and succulent prawns. It had a very slight kick of heat, giving the noodles some character to go along with your other dishes.

Novikov Singaporean Noodles with Prawn Halal

Duck Fried Rice

Yes, the duck at Novikov is halal! This dish is fried rice, with mixed vegetables, eggs and shredded pieces of duck for £9.75.

I found this dish to compliment the crispy chicken honey and lime for £16.25. Covered in a crispy batter, topped with sesame seeds and sitting on a bed of honey – this sweet dish had a small kick of heat to it. The crispiness of the chicken made it all the better, balancing out the sweetness – this dish was one that can please your palate.

Is Novikov Halal Asian Kitchen

Korean Prawns!

Served was a generous portion of Korean prawns – it had somewhat of a smokey flavour, covered in a marinade. The prawns had a grape-like texture, bouncy with a slight grape-like crunch. The shells and head were attached, so if you’re a fan of that, you’ll love these. If you like prawns why not read our review on Rudie’s and their spicy King Prawns!

Novikov Korean Prawn with a Smokey Flavour

In Conclusion:

When you’re paying high prices for dishes, you expect the service to be just as high too. Which it was. Our mocktail, the lava lamp, well that was somewhat very disappointing. For £12 it tasted like really cheap tropical juice. The coke served cost £4.50 and was served as a 250ml glass bottle. Overall the atmosphere, food and service put this restaurant in a great place – a place we will be visiting again.

Novikov Mocktail Asian Kitchen - Halal Mayfair

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– Partially halal menu
– Alcohol is served on this establishment

Novikov Restaurant and Bar

Location: 50A Berkeley St, Mayfair, London W1J 8HA


Instagram: @novikovrestaurant

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019