Is Red Iron Burger Halal? National Burger Day Exclusive

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Price for 2
(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

Are you after a halal burger that is juicy, big, succulent and tasty around the area of Uxbridge? Well, look no further. If you haven’t heard of Red Iron Burgers, it’s a must go for all foodies and burger lovers.

The day of my visit, it was National Burger Day. Red Iron Burger was serving a special burger exclusive for the occasion.

I discovered the burger from their Instagram page (@rediron_uxbridge). I honestly couldn’t resist the look of the burger and desperately wanted to try it. Their scarcity tactic had certainly worked on getting my butt up and driving 22 miles just for a burger. (Well worth the drive).

The National Burger Day Exclusive Burger

So what was so special about this exclusive burger? The burger consisted of an iced glazed doughnut bun (Just like a Krispy Kreme original). Yep. Glazed doughnuts used as a bun! How great is that?

Is Red Iron Burgers Halal

Krispy Kreme Burger National Burger Day

The special burger consisted of a cheese stuffed beef patty. Ooh, cheese stuffed! Hmmm. Caramelised onions, turkey bacon, American cheese and smoky chipotle sauce. All between a glazed doughnut bun! My first bite into the burger was joy in my mouth – the sweetness of the doughnut combined with the Chipotle and thick cheese stuff patty was gorgeous! The burger was super messy, dripping with sauce and juice but was undeniably flavoursome, filling, hearty and so satisfying! Ah, what a beautiful day it was.

Red Iron Burger Signature Burger & Starters

I started off with some classic buffalo chicken wings. The wings were covered with a vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce. Hot, spicy, with a crisp texture. If you cannot handle chilli, I do not recommend these. However, for me, the wings had the perfect heat making it lip-smackingly good!

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Red Iron Burgers Halal Review

We also ordered the “Red Iron Burger”. A signature burger, with melted layers of mixed cheeses, house Red Iron burger sauce, garlic mayo, caramelised red onions, jalapenos, fresh red onions, lettuce and tomato. All between a grilled sesame bun. It was no surprise that this signature burger was meaty, fresh, greasy and thick! Absolutely succulent and delicious.

Both burgers were served with a side of rustic chips – the chips arrive unseasoned but every table has a selection of seasoning and sauces, which included ketchup and Tabasco.

The total bill for two persons: £24.50 – Not including drinks. The price goes for the exclusive burger, signature burger, sides and buffalo wings.

Red Iron Burgers Uxbridge

Halal Restaurant in Uxbridge


Red Iron Burgers gets a solid rating from us. Red Iron Burgers impressed us so much that I plan on visiting the Red Iron Steakhouse next time soon. Also, if you missed the exclusive Red Iron Burger and would love to try it, go ahead and follow @RedIron_Uxbridge on Instagram. Keep your eyes peeled. You just never know what they’re coming up with next. Oh and let them know @HalalGrubbin sent you there.

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Red Iron Burger
  • 8/10
    Food - 8/10
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    Value - 8/10
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    Service - 7/10
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    Atmosphere - 7/10


– All meats are verified halal with certificates
– No pork or alcohol present
– This is a child-friendly establishment

Location: 280 High St, Uxbridge UB8 1LQ


Instagram: @rediron_uxbridge

Additional information

The doughnut burger was exclusive for National Burger Day. Red Iron also have a steakhouse located at the same address. Red Iron Steakhouse is booking only. Red Iron Burger is walk-in.

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019