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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

We visited Shake Shack in Covent Garden on a weekday. Shake Shack is an American fast-food restaurant which started off as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Gardens, Manhattan. It was their way of supporting Madison Square Park Conservancy’s first art installation at the time. Since 2001, the burger history grew bigger and bigger. They now have locations all over the world including Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and yes, United Kingdom!

Shake Shack currently only serves halal chicken in all of their UK branches. The beef and other meats are not halal. They avoid any cross contamination when making their food. Shake Shack also serves good milkshakes, however, we opted for only water on this occasion.

Halal Chick’n Shack Burger from Shake Shack

This is a crisply fried chicken breast patty, with lettuce, cheese, pickles and a buttermilk mayo. A pretty simple burger and it worked well. I found the chicken to be juicy, while hot, although as soon as the temperature dropped on the chicken it became dry. It was saved by the well-seasoned batter, which gave a slight kick of spice because of the pepper. The American cheese also saved the chicken patty. Without the cheese, it would have been perhaps even drier.

I also enjoyed the buttermilk herb mayo. A white sauce which was slightly sour and had a tangy taste. Overall it complimented the burger really well. The onions in the burger were raw, so it may not be up against everybody’s avenue but they are also easily removable.

Shake Shack Chick n Shack

The Cheese Fries

The crinkle cut chips were well-fried, crisp and fluffy inside. Nothing extraordinary. The cheese fries were the same crinkle cut fries, accompanied by a warm squeeze cheese. We personally prefer melted cheddar when it comes to cheese fries and not some artificial type. But nonetheless the cheese fries were enjoyable but it didn’t last too long. We were quick to get sick of the taste of the warm cheese. It reminded us of microwavable mac-n-cheese sauce.

Is Shake Shack Halal

In Conclusion

This is a great quick meal to grab and eat if you’re on the go and there are limited halal options around. A good meal for children too, although adults may still feel hungry afterwards. The service at the Covent Garden branch was a little confusing, they give a tracker which buzzes when your meal is ready, although they did not let us know where we can stand or wait. We ended up waiting almost half-an-hour for our meals to arrive, and they almost forgot to give our water.

If you like chicken burgers, then you must try a place called Mother Clucker, the Cluck Bun. Not only do they have the best chicken but quick and great service too.

Shake Shack
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– Only the chicken is halal
– Family and child-friendly

Location: Covent Garden, 24 Market Building, The Piazza, London WC2E 8RD

Other Locations: Find a location near you


Instagram: @shakeshack

Price for 1

Last modified: 4th May 2019