Is Siirgista Bros Halal? Formerly Burgista Bros

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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

Siirgista Bros, a small franchise with five current locations around London. Formally known as Burgista Bros, they had to change their name due to a lawsuit, involving similarity in their business name with another. Regardless of this fact, Siirgista Bros managed well to swiftly rebrand each of their franchise and transitioned seemingly. All whilst keeping the high standards in their quality of food.

Siirgista Bros has a fully Halal menu. Which includes free-range Halal chicken and beef. Halal turkey bacon and chicken hot dogs. Siirgista Bros claims to be gourmet burgers, although I would consider it more fast-food with a little more quality. All the beef burgers legally have to be cooked to well-done.

Siirgista Bros’ Hotdog, Spicy Buffalo Wings & Chilly Cheese Fries

I wasn’t a huge fan of the hot dog. While it did look good and appetising, I thought it was a little generic and it did not stand out to be unique to me. The hot dog is served in a soft, moist bun, without any condiments. Giving you the choice to add whatever sauce you want on your own. I thought this hot dog would have been greed with some caramelised onions and melted cheese. Nonetheless, at £3.98, this is perhaps a good choice for children.

Siirgista Bros Chilli Cheese Fries - Previously Burgista Bros

Chilli Cheese Fries by Siirgista Bros

Burgista Bros changes to Siirgista Bros

Spicy Buffalo wings were hot, juicy and succulent. The balance of the spice wasn’t extremely spicy nor too mild. While a child may have trouble eating these wings, a grown adult should be able to enjoy them. However, if you aren’t accustomed to heat, they also offer BBQ wings.

We absolutely loved the chilli cheese fries. Siirgista Bros were generous with the cheese, which sat on top of a bed of chilli con carne and beneath it was the fries. This can be a meal on its own, with its stringy cheese and tasty chilli. Topped with jalapenos! The jalapenos are easy to brush to the side if you aren’t a fan or can’t handle too much heat.

The Beef Burgers

The beef burgers are cooked to well-done for legal reasons. Smashed on the flat grill, it still retained the juiciness, garnished with crisp baby gem lettuce, tomato, red onion and their special burger sauce. You can also choose your choice of cheese from smoked Applewood, cheddar or American cheese. The burgers aren’t too big, nor are they too small but they’re just about enough to satisfy your burger needs.

Is Siirgista Bros Halal

The Spicy Chicken Burger

If you couldn’t tell by reading this post so far, we love spice, so it was only normal for us to try the spicy chicken burger. This burger has a grilled free-range halal chicken breast, crispy fried onions and smoked chilli cheese. The chicken breast is marinated with chilli peppers, saffron, rosemary and garlic. It also had a slight lemony taste too. Biting into the parts of the chicken where it was combined with the cheese, was extremely pleasant. The chicken was juicy, soft and succulent. We finished this burger super fast due to the tastiness. This hot and fiery burger did not disappoint us at all.

Siirgista Bros Spicy Chicken Burger

Fries & Milkshakes!

The fries are cooked in rapseed oil and seasond with rosemary salt which gives it an extra flavour. The fries are crispy and fulffy inside and are enjoyable to the last bite.

If you opt-in for a meal from Siirgista Bros, you can choose to get a soft drink or for a little extra, a milkshake. We tried the banana and oreo shake. The shakes aren’t bad, they’re not too thick nor too thin. Just about right and delicious too. With a subtle velvety texture, both the milkshakes were good. However, Oreo remains to be at the top. The best part about it was the bits of Oreo that come through the straw, making it all the better.

We enjoyed Siirgista Bros, from the friendly customer service to the food. We have visited a number of times and it has always remained consistent. This place is somewhere we will be coming back to again and again. If you enjoy chicken burgers check out our review of Mother Clucker, which serves some of the best fried chicken in London.

Siirgista Bros
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    Atmosphere - 8/10


– A fully halal menu, including free-range halal chicken and beef
– Child and family-friendly establishment

Location: 195 Baker Street, London NW1 6UY

Other Locations: Find a Siirgista Bros near you

Website: Siirgista Bros

Instagram: @siirgistabros

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019