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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

Stax Diner has to go down as one of my favourite American diner as of today. Stax Diner is part of the Feed Your Soul family. Located in Central London, near Soho, Stax Diner is a very small but mighty American joint. Over the years they have built up a reputation, as one of the best halal American diners out there. Matter fact, this was my first proper American diner experience, apart from Tinseltown.

Stax Diner, the Famous Flames, Boondocks and Butterscotch Bakery are all part of the Feed your Soul Family.

My first ever visit to Stax Diner was many years ago, during Ramadan. I don’t recall the year but I went there for some damn juicy burgers. Damn juicy burgers were exactly what I got. Delicious. Since then I’ve been there a number of times. Each and every visit, I loved it. Stax may be small but the food speaks volume.

My favourite from Stax Diner

So after visiting Stax a number of times, there is one thing that I will always recommend. Chicken and waffles! Sounds strange, but it’s proper soul food. It’s beautiful. Tasty and amazing! Soul food is what Stax and Boondocks (Stax’s sister restaurant) base their food around. So expect to see a lot of Southern American dishes on the menu.

The waffles are made fresh and hot. Served with a generous portion of succulent and juicy fried chicken strips on top. Along the side, some syrup. Never skimp on the syrup! Drizzle it all over the chicken and waffles, it’s the best part, let it soak and then eat it whilst it’s warm. This is an experience everybody should absolutely try.

The Big Stax Burger

This is a burger everyone has to try when visiting Stax because I believe it sets the standards, which should follow for the rest of the burgers Stax has on the menu. Throughout my experience at Stax, I did experience a change from the bun to the beef bacon. My first few times of visiting, I was given a light brioche bun, soft in texture and not so dense. As for the beef bacon, it was also soft and sweet from the maple syrup.

Stax Diner Near Soho

Stax Diner Halal Review

Upon my latest visit, I noticed the bun had changed from that light fluffy brioche to a more dense, thicker brioche bun with a smooth glazed top. The beef bacon had changed too, it had gotten worse. A tough, chewy beef bacon in the same maple syrup sauce. It certainly wasn’t a pleasant change.

The beef patty was soft and juicy. Seasoned well, and cooked to your preference. We usually go for a medium-rare patty. Don’t you just love a juicy burger? Stax Diner also gives you a choice of cheese to go with your burger, from American cheese to cheddar. The Big Stax Burger gets a thumbs up from me before they made the changes. For now, I’m not too confident about it.

Bring Home the Bacon (Halal of course)

If you love bacon, we’re talking about halal beef bacon. Then putting it with cheese, a juicy beef patty, between a bun is brilliant. I love this burger however recently, due to the tough beef bacon, it can be extremely chewy. The beef patty remains the same, juicy and soft.

Bring Home the Bacon Burger from Stax Carnaby St

Popcorn Shrimp with Comeback Sauce

Popcorn shrimp is part of the sides on the menu. Small, bitesize, juicy popcorn shrimp! Covered in a cajun spiced batter and fried, served as a moderately generous portion in a basket. Accompanied by comeback sauce, an original sauce from Southern America. Made of ingredients including pepper, ketchup and mayo. It’s the perfect dip for your shrimps. Every time I visit Stax or Boondocks, I always order the popcorn shrimp.

Popcorn Shrimp at Stax Diner Boondocks

Cajun Fries

These are always a two way for me. Some days they’re the perfect fries. Soft and fluffy insides with a crispy exterior. Sometimes, however, they’re hollow inside and just crisp on the outside. When it’s made right, with the cajun spice, you’ll love it. This has the potential to ruin or make your meal!

Popcorn Shrimp at Stax Diner Boondocks


The milkshakes are a bit heavy to go along with the meal but if you’re feeling like treating yourself, go for it! I got the peanut butter milkshake but didn’t enjoy it much because it was too thick, strong and dry for me. But extreme peanut butter fans may fall in love with it! The chocolate, vanilla and cookies and cream milkshake remain my three top choices.

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Stax Diner may not be very child, family or pram friendly due to the size and accessibility. However, if you want a more accessible and larger dining experience, Boondocks, is the amplified version of Stax. Delivering the same nostalgic experience and menu; with extras. You can find my review of Boondocks here.

Stax Diner
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– Full halal menu
– Alcohol is served on the premisis
– Not child or family or large group friendly

Location: 1.7 Kingly Court, Carnaby, London W1B 5PW


Instagram: @staxdiner

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019