Is Zizzi Halal? The Italian Pizza and Pasta Franchise Review

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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

Zizzi is an Italian franchise restaurant specialising in pasta and pizza dishes. Unfortunately Zizzi is not halal and does serve alcohol, however, we wanted to try the seafood selection. In particular the prawns. I also must mention that Zizzi has amazing customer service and are such kind and wonderful hosts. I’ve been to Zizzi’s several times now and each occasion, it had been great!

Zizzi has a nice collection of vegetarian and seafood option on the menu. Although, in some dishes, they do add wine to the food. It’s important to read the menu or ask the waitress or waiter to make it without the wine – to keep it halal. The service at Zizzi has always been first class for me. So without further ado, let’s get to the food!

Calamari, Butterflied King Prawns and Garlic Bread with Mozzarella

Seafood, cheese and bread. I ordered calamari on my first ever visit. The calamari (squid rings), was coated in breadcrumbs (I think). It was crispy, hot but bland. Luckily it’s served with garlic and basil dip. Which helps but I still found the calamari starters boring.

Butterflied king prawns look amazing on the plate. Pan-fried in garlic butter and smoky pepper pesto. This is amazing. You really get the taste of the smokiness. The prawns are shelled so it really retains that juiciness and flavour in every bite. This dish does contain alcohol, so ensure to ask the waiter or waitress to tell the chef to make it without it.

The butterflied king prawns are served with Zizzi’s freshly baked ‘little soul’ bread. It sort of looks like a sourdough bread, soft and puffy inside and hard on the outside. It’s the perfect thing to eat with the King Prawns.

The garlic bread with mozzarella is made with caramelized onions and tastes absolutely delicious. Although, sometimes I like to get a little creative with my food. So do this:

  1. Get the garlic bread with mozzarella.
  2. Soak the bread in the butterflied king prawn sauce and add some chilli oil (found on the table)
  3. Add a prawn on top. It tastes amazing. Best improvised starter at Zizzi’s for sure!

Zizzi Restaurant Review

Zizzi Italian Restaurant Halal

Zizzi Garlic Cheese Bread

Is Zizzi Halal

Fresh Baked Oven Pizza by Zizzi

I’ve tried the Primavera Rustica pizza and Margherita pizza. The primavera Rustica pizza comes with artichokes, spinach, fire-roasted peppers, olives, mozzarella, tomatoes, green pesto and rocket on a wholemeal pizza base. Delicious.

What’s even better was the Margherita pizza, full of cheese and deliciousness. A classic tomato and basil pizza.

Zizzi Pizza

The Oh-So-Sexy King Prawn Linguine

The king prawn linguine is made with courgette ribbons in a spicy roquito chilli, tomato and lobster sauce. The subtle spice along with the tomatoes go along amazingly with the prawn and linguine. It’s gratifying. This is an absolute must try. Also, a reminder, ask the waiter or waitress to not add any wine into your dish.

Zizzi Prawn Linguine

Zizzi Pizza and Pasta Restaurant Franchise

When they serve the linguine, the waiter or waitress brings over a block of cheese and asks whether you would like some grated on top. Ask the waiter or waitress whether it is parmesan. If so, kindly request the vegan cheese, since the parmesan contains animal rennet and is not halal.

The Gooey Yummy Chocolate Melt

I just spoke about my number one recommendation for the mains that every halal ‘grubsta’ and ‘grubette’ should try: the prawn linguine. But what about dessert? While I haven’t had a lot of Zizzi’s dessert, I can only imagine they will be just as awesome as the Chocolate Melt!

This hot, gooey chocolate pudding is served with vanilla gelato. When you put your spoon into it, a warm chocolate comes oozing out. The hot chocolate pudding goes brilliantly with the cold ice cream. Another must try for sure.

Let me know if you have been to Zizzi’s or not and tell me what you think about it. Have you got any recommendations? Leave a comment below or connect with me over at Instagram @HalalGrubbin. If you want to experience Italian food with an all HMC certified menu, then Brocolli Pizza and Pasta may be the place for you, check out our review here.

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– This establishment is not halal
– Some seafood dishes contain wine, so request to add it
– Child and family friendly

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019