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Oxtail Ramen from in Kentish Town Camden

Ramo Ramen – Halal & Japanese Ramen!

Written by Asian / Pan Asian


A new authentic-looking, modern, Japanese x Phillipino ramen joint popped up in London and it has a 100% halal a la carte menu! Ramo Ramen takes the well-known staple dish from Japan and combines it with flavours from the Philippines. They have a small but mighty menu with four options of Ramen which includes oxtail,...

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Is Siirgista Bros Halal

Is Siirgista Bros Halal? Formerly Burgista Bros

Written by Burgers


Siirgista Bros, a small franchise with five current locations around London. Formally known as Burgista Bros, they had to change their name due to a lawsuit, involving similarity in their business name with another. Regardless of this fact, Siirgista Bros managed well to swiftly rebrand each of their franchise and...

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Habaneros Tooting Halal Review

Habaneros Willesden Green – The Epic Fail of Burgers


Sometimes you’re just in the mood for some spicy grilled chicken wings. I was exactly in that sort of mood when I visited Habaneros in Willesden Green. The first impression I got from this place reminded me of Five Lads. A small fast-food peri-peri style restaurant. The place was slightly small, a little busy and...

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Band of Burgers Signature Wagyu Burger

Band of Burgers – A Musical Themed Halal Gourmet Burger Joint

Written by American, Burgers, Gourmet


Band of Burgers is a halal restaurant, located in Brick Lane and Camden. The Camden branch is about half the size of the Brick Lane restaurant but they both serve the same menu. With a good selection of beef patty burgers, ranging from a double patty burger (The Elvis) to a burger with a cheese …...

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ShakeShuka Authentic Palestinian Restaurant in Marylebone Rd

Written by Middle Eastern


Around the corner from Baker Street station is a restaurant serving Palestinian cuisine, called ShakeShuka and they like to keep it authentic. I was told by ShakeShuka that many places, which serve Palestinian cuisines, often serve Israeli dishes, which doesn’t make as authentic. ShakeShuka wanted to bring the...

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen GBK Review

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Halal Exclusive Ninja Burger and Panko Chicken

Written by Burgers, Gourmet, Quick Bite / Fast Food


For all my halal-goers, I’d like to inform you that all the chicken are halal from GBK (hurray). Panko crumbed chicken used for burgers is cooked in 100% rapeseed oil in a fryer SPECIFIED FOR CHICKEN ONLY. However, the grilled chicken is cooked alongside other non-halal meat on the grill, therefore, making it...

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Far Burger UK Two on Tuesday

Is Fat Burger the Halal McDonald’s of the UK? Fast Food Review and Insight

Written by American, Burgers, Quick Bite / Fast Food


Is Fat Burger the halal McDonald’s of the UK? Whilst I believe McDonald’s should roll out some halal franchises across the UK, it hasn’t happened yet. Apart from one occasion, in Southhall, where they had made one McDonald’s halal. McDonald’s claimed it wasn’t popular and therefore stopped serving halal...

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