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We take on London, one restaurant at a time, finding the best deals, halal hidden gems and street vendors out there. Giving our opinions on the value, service, atmosphere and most importantly the taste. We aim to give a fair justified review of every place we visit, so you know when you visit a restaurant you know what potentially to expect. Stay up-to-date with us on Instagram @HalalGrubbin.
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is the great chase halal

What the halal foodies are missing – The Great Chase, Clerkenwell

Written by British, Fine Dining


Whether it’s a weekday, weekend, birthday, anniversary or a casual night out – whatever the occasion The Great Chase delivers impressive plates of food and wait for it, it’s 100% halal with no alcohol present. When we walked into The Great Chase, we were greeted by a warm smile by the person behind the...

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Novikov Singaporean Noodles with Prawn Halal

Is Novikov Halal? Asian and Italian Restaurant Review

Written by Asian / Pan Asian, Fine Dining


It’s a beautiful evening, and you want to go out for some fine dining. The name Novikov appears, and you ask yourself the question, is Novikov halal? To answer your question, it’s partially halal. Novikov, located 2 minutes from Green Park station is situated in Mayfair – where a fleet of Arab supercars...

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