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We take on London, one restaurant at a time, finding the best deals, halal hidden gems and street vendors out there. Giving our opinions on the value, service, atmosphere and most importantly the taste. We aim to give a fair justified review of every place we visit, so you know when you visit a restaurant you know what potentially to expect. Stay up-to-date with us on Instagram @HalalGrubbin.
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Halal Smoked Barbecue Brisket

Is Meat and Shake halal? Halal smoked barbecue brisket review

Written by American, Steak


Meat and Shake is a halal southern barbeque style restaurant located in Tooting, Ealing and Watford. We visited the Tooting branch. When we walked in, it wasn’t huge, but the decor gave a warm vibe, with woodland animal ornaments on the wall – Meat and Shake were really setting the “hunters wooden cabin...

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Candy Floss Creperie Bubblegum Milkshake

Candy Floss Creperie – Family, Quality and Passion

Written by Brunch, Cheap Eats around London, Dessert


‘Tell me three words to describe Candy Floss Creperie’ I asked. She replied, ‘Family, Quality and Passion’. Combining retro and modern vibes is a difficult task for anyone; keeping that cool, chic, 1980s feel whilst marrying it with minimalistic modern style. Colour me surprised when I saw an exact...

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Shake Shack Chick n Shack

Shake Shack – Burgers, Fries and Shakes!

Written by American, Burgers, Cheap Eats around London


We visited Shake Shack in Covent Garden on a weekday. Shake Shack is an American fast-food restaurant which started off as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Gardens, Manhattan. It was their way of supporting Madison Square Park Conservancy’s first art installation at the time. Since 2001, the burger history grew...

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The Burger Box Halal Acton - The Boxer Burger

The Burger Box – Halal Burger Joint in Acton, London

Written by Burgers, Cheap Eats around London


We were recently invited to go eat at The Burger Box in Acton. In the centre of Ealing Common, Acton Town and Acton Central is a halal burger joint by the name of The Burger Box. We visited this place on a Friday at 11:30 pm. Regardless of the time, as soon as we walked …...

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Oxtail Ramen from in Kentish Town Camden

Ramo Ramen – Halal & Japanese Ramen!

Written by Asian / Pan Asian


A new authentic-looking, modern, Japanese x Phillipino ramen joint popped up in London and it has a 100% halal a la carte menu! Ramo Ramen takes the well-known staple dish from Japan and combines it with flavours from the Philippines. They have a small but mighty menu with four options of Ramen which includes oxtail,...

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Is Siirgista Bros Halal

Is Siirgista Bros Halal? Formerly Burgista Bros

Written by Burgers


Siirgista Bros, a small franchise with five current locations around London. Formally known as Burgista Bros, they had to change their name due to a lawsuit, involving similarity in their business name with another. Regardless of this fact, Siirgista Bros managed well to swiftly rebrand each of their franchise and...

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Dishoom Kejriwal Breakfast Dish Review

Is Dishoom Halal? The Dishoom Breakfast Brunch Review

Written by Brunch


Dishoom is an Indian restaurant, based off of the fading heritage of Iranian cafes in Bombay. A restaurant built by Iranian immigrants who migrated to the bustling city of Bombay, India. With over 400 cafes at their peak in the 1960s. Today, fewer than 30 remains. Dishoom pays tribute to the Irani cafes, which had...

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The Chocolateeha Taste Test! As seen on BBC2

Written by Product Review

You may have seen or heard about Chocolateeha. They were on the BBC2 programme “Top of the Shops with Tom Kerridge” and managed to make it to the finals with some great chocolate. They have a wide range of indulgent luxury chocolate, raw dark chocolate and a vegan collection too. Chocolateeha had sent me...

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3 Ingredient Recipe for Sausage Rolls with a Mahbir Tangy Apple Dip

Written by Recipes

This is a quick and easy recipe to make cheesy sausage rolls. Whether it be for a party, a quick movie snack or a treat for the kids. This recipe is quick, easy, fun and goes really well with some crisp apple jam, infused with Saffron made by Mahbir....

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Maison Du Mezze Soup and Home Food

Maison Du Mezze – Authentic Lebanese Restaurant, Leicester Square London

Written by Middle Eastern


Maison Du Mezze is a Lebanese restaurant in Leicester Square, London. Located 1 minute from the station, it is in the middle of the busy square, where street performers perform and red carpets are rolled out for celebrities. Maison Du Mezze stands out with their light blue restaurant and grand entrance. There is...

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