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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

I visited Boondocks London for Brunch. When I first visited Boondocks, I was disappointed with the food, but this time I wanted to try out their brunch menu. Boondocks is part of the Feed Your Soul family of restaurants. The Feed Your Soul family includes Stax Diner, the Famous Flames and Butterscotch London.

Every now and then I get a craving for a good brunch, so I skip breakfast, wait till 11am-1pm(ish) and then hit the roads to go out for brunch. On this occasion, I decided to give Boondocks a try.

“Bojangles” Brunch by Boondocks

This breakfast meal comes with a buttermilk biscuit. What is buttermilk biscuit? I can describe it as a bread with a firm, browned crust on the outside but it’s soft and fluffy on the inside. Common in parts of Southern America, I’m guessing this is part of the real soul food experience. The Bojangles also came with fried chicken, cheese sauce and hot sauce. Also two eggs, with a choice of it being fried, scrambled or poached. I went for poached eggs.

The buttermilk biscuit was complemented by the chicken and eggs. The hot sauce gave the chicken a kick and the cheese sauce gave the buttermilk a cheddar flavour.

I thought the buttermilk biscuit was extremely tough on the crust. I found the inside of the biscuit fluffy but dense. It would get stuck in the walls of my mouth and make me work harder in order to chew and swallow. The buttermilk biscuit did taste as if it was buttered well and did go well with the chicken and eggs, but overall it failed to impress me.

Boondocks City Rd, Old Street American Diner London Halal

Bojangles Boondocks Brunch City Road

Boondocks Brunch Menu Old St Halal Restaurant

The fried chicken was flaky, with a crunchy batter, moist and juicy inside. I really couldn’t fault the chicken. The only upsetting thing was perhaps the size of the chicken was way too small for my liking.

I decided to order a beef sausage extra for the side, but I wish I had not. The beef sausage did not look like a normal sausage but more like a beaten up patty. It was extremely hard, tough and super dry.

“Hardees” on the Boondocks London Brunch Menu
Hardees is pretty much the same as the Bojangles except that it’s without fried chicken but instead with beef sausage. Unfortunately, because the beef sausage is worse than the chicken, it didn’t help the brunch taste any better.

Our Total Bill for Boondocks Brunch:

  • Bonjangles (+ extra beef sausage side): £9.00 (+ £2.50)
  • Hardees: £8.00
  • Americano: £2.00
  • Apple Juice: £2.50

Total Bill: £24

Looking for a really tasty place to eat brunch?

Why not visit Brioche Burger on the weekend for a tasty, hearty, amazing brunch? Try out their unique twist to the Full English breakfast. I was so impressed by it, it definitely made me return to visit them again. They also do pancakes!

I do plan to visit Boondocks for brunch again and I will be ordering something different to give it another chance. But so far, I’m sorry Boondocks, from my first visit to my second, you still have failed to impress.

Also, fix up the customer service, it’s awkward when you don’t get any attention from staff when you walk in. There’s no interaction between the staff and customers. I don’t feel a vibe or a sense of happiness. It’s almost as if they don’t want to work and rather hide around the corner.

How was your experience at Boondocks? Leave a comment below or connect with me over at Instagram @HalalGrubbin.

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– All meats are halal
– No pork but alcohol present
– This is a child-friendly establishment

Location: 205 City Road, London EC1V 1JN


Instagram: @boondocksldn

Additional Information

Boondocks is the part of the Feed your Soul Family, which also includes Stax Diner, Famous Flames and Butterscotch London.

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019