Is this the Subway of Burgers? BUILT Custom Burgers Ilford Review

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Price for 2
(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

All over Instagram, there was hype, about a new burger joint in Ilford by the name of BUILT Custom Burgers. Due to the hype, I really wanted to check this place out and find out more. Let me explain the concept of this place: It’s basically like Subway but for burgers. You can choose between a single or double patty. With a good selection of toppings including pickles and sauteed onions. They also have a number of sauces to choose from.

This place is 100% halal. We ordered two burgers, one we kept simple and the other I decided to experiment a little.

BUILT Custom Burgers Ilford London Restaurant Review

The BUILT Custom Burgers Experience

At Built Custom Burgers you can choose between Angus beef, chicken, or a vegan veggie patty. They also have different cheeses. The first burger I decided to keep it simple. A single patty with Angus beef, lettuce, red onions, turkey bacon and cheddar cheese, ketchup and sweet siracha sauce. When I unwrapped my burger, it was disappointing to see the unmelted grated cheddar cheese. The patty was also super thin. It did not have anywhere near enough seasoning or sauce.

Is BUILT Custom Burgers Halal

You can tell the turkey bacon was not fresh. It tasted as if it had been pre-cooked and sitting out for a while. The texture was tough with a faint hint of smokiness. The brioche buns were lightly toasted but cold.

The Experimental ‘Hawaiian” Burger

I don’t know about you but I like some good sweet and sour pineapple on pizza. It works great. If you haven’t tried it, you must! I decided to experiment a little. I asked for a double patty burger but with Angus beef and chicken. Topped up with turkey bacon, pineapple, lettuce, sauteed onions, the built sauce and American cheese.

Is BUILT Custom Burgers Good

Unfortunately, the pineapple was extremely large, neither sweet or sour and very hard in texture. I had to take it out because it wasn’t that great. The Angus beef patty once again was thin, unseasoned and plain. The same goes for the chicken, although it was a thicker than the beef patty. The chicken breast patty was soft in texture but under-seasoned.

Fries, Sweet Potato Fries and Chicken Fingers

The fries arrived cold and a little soggy. Thinly cut but lacked a crisp texture. I did want to try the garlic tater tots but unfortunately, they had none left. I felt the sweet potato fries were undercooked, cold, lacked in seasoning and overall needed longer to cook.

The chicken fingers tasted as if it had come out from a frozen packet and were average at best.

Overall BUILT Custom Burgers delivered an underwhelming experience. The total bill amounted to around £22, for two, which included refillable drinks. Whilst the price remains cheap, starting at £5.99 for a single and £7.99 for a double patty; with unlimited toppings. I wouldn’t say it was good for value. Why? Paying around £11 for an extremely disappointing burger with soggy, undercooked fries is hardly value for the money. I’ve had much better-tasting burgers, for cheaper. Like the one from FatBoyz.

The restaurant overall was big but with all the free space, it was cold too.

If you live far from Ilford, like I do, BUILT Custom Burgers is not worth the trip, unfortunately.  You’re better off going to Subway, for a good sandwich and at a cheaper price. However, I did like the concept of building your own burgers.

EDIT: BUILT Custom Burgers did message through Instagram to reinvite us back, however, I’m contemplating whether it’s worth the journey; even if it’s free.

BUILT Custom Burgers
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– All the meat is Halal
– Child and family-friendly establishment
– Gluten-free options are available

112 Cranbrook Road, Ilford IG1 4LZ UK


Instagram: @builtburgers

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019