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‘Tell me three words to describe Candy Floss Creperie’ I asked. She replied, ‘Family, Quality and Passion’.

Combining retro and modern vibes is a difficult task for anyone; keeping that cool, chic, 1980s feel whilst marrying it with minimalistic modern style. Colour me surprised when I saw an exact representation as I walked into the store. Oozing vibrancy with a homely feel; the store was designed to a professional standard. Two colours stood out; pastel pink symbolising candy floss and a matte black charcoal. With both colours in tandem symbolising their signature candy floss latte. We were greeted by a welcoming smile and felt delighted to be invited to Candy Floss Creperie on Romford Road.

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Their story began in Camden. When a successful stall by the name of ‘Sweet Kitty’ was established, in February 2014, a homage to one of the founders’ name; Kittiya. Herself and her husband, Saif, worked side-by-side for four years.

They soon quickly realised the difficulty of raising children whilst so far away from home in the Manor Park area, where their daughter goes to school. Something needed to change, Candy Floss Creperie was conceived as their third child.

‘My daughter loves ice cream’, Kittiya says. ‘Now my daughter can come and see me any time’, she continues with a smile. Her daughter rushes in after school, bringing with her a breath of fresh air and a wind of enthusiasm. She orders from the menu ‘Our Favourite’, named especially after her. A sweet crepe topped with a blend of fresh strawberries, banana, hazelnuts, whipped cream, Nutella and vanilla gelato – her favourite. I can only imagine how popular she is at school.

‘We want people to feel at home and feel part of our family.’ The community is their adopted second family, motivating them to bring something nice to the area. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard of a garden in development at the back of the cafe. ‘What’s that for?’, I asked. ‘Family’, she said. A garden for the kids to play around in when the parents are having an important conversation. What a novel way for the kids to simmer down from their sugar rush and play on the toys and slides.

Candy Floss Creperie is truly different from other shops on Romford Road. Wait, let me rephrase that, Candy Floss Creperie is truly different from other dessert shops in East London. They have an astonishing menu of interesting dishes, flavours, centred around candy floss and family. An interesting story was shared with me about an elderly gentleman, who frequents Candy Floss Creperie, bringing in his own jar and leaving with it filled with gelato ice-cream because it is that good. ‘He just can’t stay away’, Kittiya giggles.

‘All our ingredients are top quality, we sacrifice profit to give the very best of experience to our customers.’ This is truly a bold statement, yet, it is backed up with clear evidence with their ingredients displayed for everyone on the shelf behind the counter. Real Belgian chocolate and their personal blend of Arabica, Brazilian and Indian roasted coffee beans. ‘We tested, tested and tested the blend to make sure it was of a top standard’, Kittiya reflects. You can say they’ve done a good job when a regular customer gushes about their Frappe being better than Starbucks, and I cannot disagree.

Croissant with Chicken, Tomato, Avocado and Cheese

Such a simple combination, yet it was so scrumptious. The croissant itself was buttery, flaky, crisp and fluffy inside. The chicken was creamy and gave a little kick to your tongue, making it all the better. The avocado allowed the croissant to give a creamy base to your palette whilst the cheese complimented the other fillings. This dish works so well no matter what time of the day it is, be it lunch, breakfast or even dinner. It’s the perfect croissant sandwich and it’s bound to please the taste buds.

Candy Floss Creperie The Best Dessert Palour East London

Savoury Crepe with Chicken, Egg, Spinach and Cheese

Served on a grand round plate, and gently placed on a beautiful marble table. The savoury crepe arrived. A huge crepe, folded into the shape of a square, with a sunny-side-up egg in the middle. Surrounded by fresh spinach leaves, salad and gems of hidden cheese.

I took my knife and fork, gently cutting into the crepe, ensuring to get a piece of everything from the chicken to the egg. With my fork full, I popped the yolk and gave it a dip. Here goes, I aimed the fork towards my mouth, time felt like it slowed down as I bought it up. I took my first bite, my eyes instantly closed in satisfaction.

The crepe was lovely, it bought a warm-fuzzy feeling. It made me feel good and I was surprised by a sweet and sour sort of syrup which worked perfectly combined with the other fillings. This breakfast or lunch dish is definitely one every adult should try.

Breakfast Brunch in Romford Road

The Ultimate Blue Unicorn Freakshake

Sometimes we all want to relive our childhood or have some fun as we were children again. The blue unicorn freakshake does exactly that. Not only is it the most visually appealing, jaw-dropping, children’s shake in the world but it also tasted good. Presented with candy floss, a giant rainbow lollipop, cream, bubblegum syrup, jelly beans, marshmallows and even smarties!

Candy Floss Creperie Bubblegum Milkshake

As I kneeled down to take a picture of the beauty that was in front of me, two schoolgirls happened to walk behind me and I heard a soft gasp and then a whisper. ‘Whoooaaa’, as they looked at the shake in amazement. This shake is definitely a pleaser for the younger generation.

The Star of the Show – Latte with Candy Floss

This place is called Candy Floss Creperie and they live up to the name. An amazing concept, which I personally have never seen anywhere before. A cup of milk served with some coffee on the side. You tuck the candy floss on top of the glass of milk and gently pour the coffee all over and watch in amazement as the candy floss melts away. This definitely is one to impress the ladies with.

Candy Floss Creperie Romford Road

The candy floss had a vanilla flavour to it which went well with the latte. The coffee is one to brag about. It was such a pleasant flavour, smooth and rich. It made my non-coffee drinking friend want more of it. You simply could not get enough.

Strawberry and Cream Waffles

The strawberry and cream waffles were made with freshly sliced strawberries, whipped cream, high-quality Belgian white chocolate and vanilla gelato. The waffle was fluffy inside and had a crisp outside. The strawberries were slightly sour but were complimented well with the sweetness of the vanilla gelato and the sweetness of the Belgian white chocolate. This waffle was really, really good.

Candy Floss Creperie The Best Dessert Palour East London

Mango ’n’ Coco

This dish was one of the most interesting dishes for me. It has a backstory and was inspired by Kittiya’s mother-in-law who is from Bangladesh. Kittiya had eaten a traditional Bangladeshi caramelised coconut dish once which inspired her to create a crepe combination of fresh mango, caramelised coconut, homemade mango sauce and coconut gelato. This dish worked out to be a huge success, the sweetness and love that emitted from this dish were pure. The dish itself felt light, exotic but so satisfying at the same time.

Halal Breakfast in East London Candy Floss Creperie

Family, Quality and Passion.

‘We price everything on our menu reasonably’ mentioned Saif, respecting the fact that many of the customers in Forest Gate are mothers and children. They even have a happy hour for kids after school between 3pm to 5pm. Candy Floss Creperie believe in changing the standards of the area, for themselves and the community.

‘That is crazy!’ said Kittiya as she explained to us the thoughts of others when they decided to open up a dessert parlour in a place like Romford Road.

‘This does not feel like for work us. We love what we do’. Saif and Kittiya truly have deep passion when it comes to business, quality and serving the community. It is reflected by their use of high-quality products, and the use of the best of the best equipment. They have personally sourced everything from the gelato to the Belgian chocolates. It’s hard to imagine you will be disappointed when visiting Candy Floss Creperie.
‘We’re not just another dessert place. The industry is easy to get in; however, food, service and quality are not easy to maintain at a high level’.

Candy Floss Crepeaire
  • 9/10
    Food - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Value - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Service - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Atmosphere - 10/10


– Fully halal establishment
– Perfect for family and groups
– Good for date nights
– Especially good for children (A children garden play area at the back)

Location: 315 Romford Rd, London E7 9HA


Instagram: @candyflosscreperie

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Last modified: 4th May 2019