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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

You may have seen or heard about Chocolateeha. They were on the BBC2 programme “Top of the Shops with Tom Kerridge” and managed to make it to the finals with some great chocolate. They have a wide range of indulgent luxury chocolate, raw dark chocolate and a vegan collection too. Chocolateeha had sent me some of their chocolate, so I decided to do a taste test of all the chocolates.

Chocolateeha Taste Test and Discount Coupon

The Raw Range

Cacao Dark Chocolate with Goji Berries – This chocolate is bitter, because of the high cocoa content but it’s balanced out with the sweetness of the goji berries. You can read about some of the benefits of dark chocolate and goji berries here.

Almond & Raisin Dark Chocolate – Covered with raisins and almonds, this chocolate is much like the date and almond vegan chocolate. Except it’s made with 72% raw cacao. With raw Peruvian criollo cacao, mama powder, almonds, raisins and coconut sugar. This dark chocolate had a bitter taste, a good crunch and nutty flavour too. The raisin balances the bitterness of the dark chocolate with the sweetness from it.

Almond Dark Chocolate – This chocolate is a great choice for those who enjoy dark chocolate, want the health benefits and perks of it. But perhaps don’t want raisins and just the almonds. The almonds are scattered all over, acts a great healthy snack in addition to a great dark chocolate.

Raisin Dark Chocolate – Another great choice for those who like dark chocolate but does not want to mix it with almonds but want all the sweetness from the raisins.

Chocolateeha Raw Range

Vegan Mylk Range

Summer Halva – A vegan white chocolate. Looks beautiful. Smells like white chocolate. The texture is soft and gritty and it breaks apart into like a powder. Keep in mind this is a vegan chocolate, so there is no milk. This chocolate is made with cacao butter, cane sugar, coconut flour, mango, strawberry and raspberry.

Dates & Almond Vegan Chocolate – Another vegan chocolate, but this time with date and almond bits. Almond is a great source of fat and protein. Dates is just a great food, in general. The overall chocolate is had a subtle gritty texture, but nothing extremely noticeable. The chocolate with dates made it soft and sweeter. It works really well, in contrast, the almond gives the chocolate a crunch.

Ginger & Apricot Vegan Chocolate – Made with cocoa nibs, cacao butter, cane sugar, ginger and apricot. The chocolate had large chunks of dried apricot and ginger across it. The dried apricot gave the chocolate a nice chewy texture to the chocolate and had a faint tartness to the taste. The ginger gave the chocolate a kick of spicy, peppery and slightly sweet. If you ever had chilli chocolate before, you should consider giving this chocolate bar a go. It really has a sweet and spicy flavour.

Chocolateeha Vegan Mylk Collection

Indulgent Range

Rose Pistachio Kulfi – This one had my attention the most. A fan of pistachio kulfi, I was curious to know what it would taste as a chocolate bar with rose syrup. This bar contains cacao butter, cane sugar, skimmed milk, rose water, rose syrup and last but not least pistachios. The pistachios are scattered and cover the whole bar. The bar smells of a white chocolate, with a mild powder scent too. The chocolate had a gritty texture, the rose flavour really comes out and as you eat the chocolate, it melts in your mouth and you can taste the rose flavour.

The pistachio nuts give it a rich, buttery, nutty, distinctive flavour. Along with the rose syrup flavour, they both explode in your mouth and fuse into one. Creating a beautiful taste in your mouth.

Strawberries & Cream Chocolate – Sprinkled with a red strawberry powder, this chocolate had cacao butter, cane sugar, skimmed milk and strawberries. The strawberry dusting gave this chocolate a very subtle sour taste. When I say subtle, it is very subtle and is instantly balanced with the sweetness of the chocolate. The chocolate also had small strawberry seeds, which added to the texture of it, making it all the better.

White Chocolate Indulgent Range by Chocolateeha

Chocolateeha Indulgent Range and Coupon Code

65% Ecuadorian dark chocolate infused with peppermint – Made with 65% Ecuadorian dark chocolate, raw cacao, butter, unrefined caster sugar and peppermint oil. The infusion of this chocolate reminded me of the chocolate After Eight. The chocolate smells minty, with a smooth texture and covered in gold dusting. This chocolate was great, especially when you let it sit in your mouth and slowly melt away.

Hazelnut & Cardamon – This indulgent milk chocolate, covered with hazelnuts and infused with cardamon. Containing 40% roasted Madagascan cocoa, raw cacao, butter, skimmed milk powder, unrefined caster sugar, cardamom powder and roasted hazelnuts. This chocolate is smooth and had a chocolatey-cardamon scent. The cardamon isn’t overpowering so it gives the chocolate a surprisingly good aftertaste. The hazelnut gave it a great crunch as well as an added nutty, buttery flavour to the smooth great chocolate.

Chocolate infused with Wild Orange – Made with 65% Madagascan cocoa, raw cacao, butter, unrefined caster sugar and wild orange oil. This chocolate had a scent of orange. The taste of dark chocolate, with orange, was delightful. What made it even more enjoyable is if you let it sit and melt in your mouth.

White Chocolate with Brazilian Coffee – My favourite chocolate! A white chocolate, with a smooth texture, and a mild coffee flavour. The coffee flavour is not overpowering at all, matter fact, the creaminess of the chocolate made it taste almost like a white chocolate cappuccino. It melts in your mouth and is just exceptional! Made with 35% cocoa butter, skimmed milk, unrefined cane sugar and Brazilian ground coffee.

There are so many flavours and combinations to try from Chocolateeha. If you ever decide to get some for yourself, use the discount code GRUB to get 20% off. I highly recommend the white chocolate infused with Brazilian coffee flavour.

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Last modified: 4th May 2019