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So a group of insta-foodgrammers decided to do a meetup, doing what we do best, to go out and eat. Joined by @rafs_fooddiary, @foodographyldn, @kam_vs_food and @londonfoodster. We decided to dine at Hankies in Marble Arch.

Hankies is a traditional Dehli Indian street-food cuisine serving Indian tapas and specialise in roomali roti. A classic Indian roti which is hand spun till it becomes thin, almost so you can see through it. It’s cooked on a burning hot-searing Roomali Tawa (a dome-like stove) and then folded into ‘Hankies’ (handkerchief).

There are two branches of Hankies, one located on Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, which has a more casual dining experience and is considered a cafe. The Marble Arch branch is part of The Montcalm Hotel, has a more upscale environment and is a fine dining restaurant. The portions are a little smaller compared to the Soho branch.

Hankies Performance of the Flying Roomali Roti

What I like about both branches of Hankies, is the amazing display of bread making skills the chefs’ display in front of the house. It’s really nice to get to see somebody rolling out the dough for a roti, spinning it into the air and catching it. It really is an art, skill and form of entertainment. It really is a wonderful Indian dining experience. The rumali rotis’ are delivered thin and large but folded into a handkerchief. Hence the name ‘Hankies’.

Check out the video above to see the action of it being made.

Spinach Roomali Roti

The plain roomali roti was great with a dish of butter chicken. I also enjoyed the spinach roomali roti, which was light green in colour, contained feta cheese with roasted tomato and garlic herb oil. It’s perhaps not something for everybody, but I certainly did enjoy it.

Hankies Indian Restaurant in Marble Arch

Keema Naan

I ordered a keema naan, simply because I love meat. The keema naan was served with a chilled cucumber and mint raita. I wasn’t too impressed by the naan, especially because I didn’t feel the keema within the naan was fully incorporated. I’m also not a fan of having cold keema in my naan, so I wasn’t too fond of the naan, I’ve had much better for sure. I much prefer a pide (Turkish bread) from Babaji Pide.

Hankies Indian Fine Dining

Bhatak Ki Khurchan

This was a dish served with crispy duck, masala cashew nuts, mint, diced watermelon, tangerine, pomegranate sweet and spicy sauce. The duck was crispy and dry, the sweetness was overpowering and it certainly isn’t a dish you can have too much of. I also was getting a strong taste of cardamom from the dish. Overall this dis,h had too much going on, too many flavours at once and for me, it didn’t work well together.

Unfortunately, the duck was not halal. We did not know this at the time of ordering and eating it. Fortunately it didn’t taste great, so you’re not missing out on anything

Hankies Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch Restaurant Indian

Gol Guppa!

I love these little round wheat puffs, stuffed with sour mango and sprouted lentils. The gol guppa was crunchy, accompanied by a tangy-sweet chutney water, you have to eat it all in one go. Umm! I absolutely love these things and crunchiness of the wheat puff along with the tanginess of the chutney water goes so well.

Hankies London Halal

‘Gosht’ 5 Oz Ribeye

This dish was a grilled rib eye, served on a wooden board along with crushed masala and paprika rub next to it. You have to put the rub on the meat, according to your taste buds to really get to enjoy this piece of meat. I found it to be soft, tender and succulent.

Hankies Marble Arch Halal

Chilli Lamb Chop

This is perhaps the number one thing that was recommended by everybody who visited Hankies, the lamb chops, so it was important for me to try it. The lamb chop was far from being chilli, I didn’t find it chilli at all. Matter fact nothing was chilli, to be really honest. The lamb chop was marinated in Kashmiri chillies, mustard oil and paprika. It looked like a tandoor and had the flavours of it too.

It was delicious, pink inside, soft, tender and juicy. Don’t let it get cold, enjoy it while it is hot. The lamb chops are absolute gold!

Hankies Indian Restaurant

Hankies Lamb Chops are the Best

Butter Chicken and Vegetable Pulao

The butter chicken was served in a creamy tomato sauce and garam masala. I wasn’t majorly impressed with it. Ideally, I would have liked it spicier. The portion size was really small too. To accompany my butter chicken, I opted in for a vegetable pulao, which wasn’t bad but did have a lot of large chunks of cauliflower within in. Hankies use basmati rice, infused with saffron. Overall the two together worked well but more spice in the dish would have made it a lot better.

Hankies Butter Chicken Indian Food

The rest of the food is from the other foodies! Enjoy.

Hankies Halal Fine Dining in Marble Arch

Hankies Cocktails and Drinks Halal

Hankies Halal Food

Hankies Montcalm Hotel Restaurant Review London

Hankies Marble Arch Montcalm Hotel Fine Dining

Hankies Marble Arch
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– All meats, except the duck, have been verified as halal by the restaurant
– No pork but alcohol is present
– This is a child-friendly establishment
– There are gluten-free options available

Location: 81 Upper Berkeley Street, Marylebone, London, W1H 7PP

Website: hankies.restaurant

Instagram: @hankiesmarblearch

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Last modified: 4th May 2019