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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

Dishoom is an Indian restaurant, based off of the fading heritage of Iranian cafes in Bombay. A restaurant built by Iranian immigrants who migrated to the bustling city of Bombay, India. With over 400 cafes at their peak in the 1960s. Today, fewer than 30 remains. Dishoom pays tribute to the Irani cafes, which had a huge impact in India, Mumbai (Bombay).

We decided to visit Dishoom for brunch. Unsure of what to expect and what to order. When we walked in, we were greeted instantly and seated at a table. Dishoom prefers not to take bookings, to allow walk-ins, whenever possible. The breakfast menu wasn’t too large nor small. It had a good selection of items, however, they do serve pork sausages and bacon during breakfast hours.

Is Dishoom Halal?

We were informed Dishoom serve halal lamb, ribeye, turkey and chicken, sourced from HFA-certified suppliers. The only place on the menu where they serve sausages and bacon are during breakfast. Dishoom state that they ensure that they are careful about stripping out all the equipment used and things are thoroughly cleaned. They also affirm to store halal meat separately to non-halal food.

The Order Summary: We ordered the Kejriwal £5.90 and Keema Per Eedu £9.50. We did want a breakfast lassi, however, we were informed they were out. So we settled for fennel and mango lassi, without the fennel seeds. We also decided to try out the masala beans side for an extra £1.70.

Keema Per Eedu & Kejriwal

The Keema Per Edu is made with a spicy chicken keema, studded with fine pieces of chicken liver, topped with runny-yolk fried eggs and Salli crisp-chips. It also came with a side of homemade buns. To be honest, we had no idea how this dish was meant to be eaten. Do I divide the egg, get some keema and put it into the bun? Do I rip the bun and use it to scoop the keema and egg? Whatever the way is, we weren’t sure. But then again, considering the story of Dishoom descends from Bombay, we assumed you can eat it using your hands.

Dishoom Kejriwal Breakfast Dish Review

Keema Per Eedu Breakfast by Dishoom - Is Dishoom halal

Ripping the soft, buttery bread, dipping it into the runny egg yolk, along with some egg white and keema, we took our first bite. The bread soaks the sauce of the keema. It had a nice masala-fied curry flavour and the coriander garnish really stood out. The keema also had a very dominant cardamom flavour and scent to it. The extra side of Masala beans, was of course, also masala-fied. The curry flavoured tomato sauce of the beans was especially good. The masala bean side went well with the Keema Per Eedu and Kejriwal.

Kejriwal breakfast consisted of two fried eggs on a chilli cheese toast. Doesn’t sound exciting but it was a filling and delicious breakfast. I did think the eggs needed some salt, however, the masala beans went best with the Kejriwal.

The Mango and Fennel Seed Lassi

The lassi tasted sweet, yoghurty and thick. It had a mango taste and sugary milky texture. We aren’t a fan of fennel seeds, so we asked to leave them out and we were glad we did so. We didn’t see any benefit from it being there and it allowed us to finish our drink right to the bottom.

Dishoom Mango and Fennel Lassi

Have you been to Dishoom for breakfast, lunch or dinner? We would love to know your thoughts, leave a comment below or connect with us on Instagram @HalalGrubbin. If you like Indian food why not read our review about another great restaurant called Hankies Cafe in Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho? Or perhaps you’re after a place for brunch? Why not check out places we reviewed for brunch here.

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– Halal status on lamb and chicken
– Pork and alcohol are present but it was stated there is no cross-contamination
– This is a group and family-friendly establishment

Location: 7 Boundary Street, London E2 7JE

Other Locations: Find a Dishoom near you


Instagram: @dishoom

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019