Is Meat and Shake halal? Halal smoked barbecue brisket review

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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

Meat and Shake is a halal southern barbeque style restaurant located in Tooting, Ealing and Watford. We visited the Tooting branch. When we walked in, it wasn’t huge, but the decor gave a warm vibe, with woodland animal ornaments on the wall – Meat and Shake were really setting the “hunters wooden cabin log” scene at the restaurant.

We were seated and given a menu. There was a smell roaming around the table. The aroma wasn’t particularly, and we couldn’t quite work out what it was. Regardless, we decided to try our best to ignore the scent and proceeded to order some food.

Let’s begin… Buffalo wings and sausage starters

For starters, we ordered buffalo wings, beef and lamb sausages. The sausage came sliced diagonally, presented with some “gourmet” sauces. The sauce had a mustardy taste but was also mild. The sausage had a bounce to the texture. You really could taste and smell the aromatic spices from the sausage, which gave it a slight kick but it was not overwhelming. As good as the flavour of the sausage was, we disappointingly found it a bit dry.

The buffalo wings were significant in size compared to regular size. They were mildly spiced, hot and juicy. It had the typical vinegar, spicy-sour taste with a crispy texture.

If you go for a mocktail, you will end up very disappointed. Initially, the pina colada we ordered felt velvety, but after a few sips, you can taste that it was too watery.

Is Meat and Shake halal?

Barbeque smoked brisket

So we had BBQ smoked brisket from the Halal Food Festival before, the display of the brisket being slow-cooked and then sliced up was gorgeous. But it was disappointingly dull, flat and dry. The brisket was not juicy, nor very appealing. In the case of eating in the Meat and Shake restaurant, there were no exceptions, the results were the same. The brisket does get cold quickly, though if you manage to get at least a lukewarm bite, you may get the chance of tasting a sweet barbeque brisket with rendered fat melting in your mouth.

Halal Smoked Barbecue Brisket

Burger, mac n’ cheese and chilli cheese fries

I personally prefer cheddar cheese or some sort of sliced cheese melted on top of fries. This was more of a squeeze cheese on top of the fries with some sliced red jalapenos, onions and minced meat. We weren’t a tremendous fan of these fries.

When you put your fork into the mac and cheese, while it is warm, and lift the pasta up, the cheese would stretch up with your fork. Initially, the mac and cheese was “Hmm, oh wow” but the second bite was a “Hmm, where is the seasoning?”. Topped with toasted bread, we thought the mac n’ cheese lacked a lot of seasoning.

The smoking bandit burger was soft on touch, cooked to well-done (we prefer medium-rare usually) and was topped with smoked turkey bacon and smoked cheddar cheese. We did not mind this burger but more than halfway into the burger, it started to get really dry therefore making it almost impossible to finish while enjoying it.

Meat and Shake
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– Family friendly restaurant

Meat and Shake

Tooting: 47 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 7TR

Watford: 17 The Green, W5 5DA

Ealing: 127 High St, Watford, Hertfordshire WD17 2TQ


Instagram: @meatandshake

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019