Is Mother Clucker Halal? The Best Southern Fried Chicken in London

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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

Mother Clucker Fried Chicken strips should be winning awards! So what makes Mother Clucker so cluckin’ good? Well, first of all, I send my deepest apologies to Colonel Sanders. I believe the strips from Mother Clucker would bury KFC. Bold statement. Where do we start? Mother Clucker serves only halal chicken and sources it from HMC approved suppliers.

What is Mother Clucker?

Mother Clucker is a food truck/food stall located around London. You can find them in various places including Brick Lane, London Bridge, Lewisham and Camden. They recently opened up a small shop, in Islington, a more permanent place for themselves.

With a small menu to choose from, I highly recommend giving their chicken strips and chips a go first. They produce amazing tea brined, buttermilk soaked, beautifully seasoned batter fried chicken. From serving out of converted US army ambulances to trucks, Mother Clucker does not disappoint.

Fried Chicken by Mother Clucker is a Must try

Mother Clucker Best Southern Fried Chicken

Mother Clucker is it Worth it

The freshly seasoned chicken strips are covered in a crispy-crunchy delicious buttermilk batter. The chicken strips alone are worth the money. They are succulent, fresh and tender. It’s easy to enjoy every bite of these chicken strips – but! They take it a step further with their lime mayo sauce, drizzled on top. Making the flavour ever so mouthwatering.

The chips are another story. Far from average as they sprinkle a generous amount of cajun salt for a burst of flavour when it enters your mouth. The chips were fluffy on the inside with the perfect crisp exterior.

The burger is the same juicy, fresh, succulent goodness as the chicken strips served on a soft brioche bun with lettuce and cheese. Oh gosh, it is infamously good!
Every bite was a party in my mouth. Never a dull moment. Cooked freshly from a truck is what impressed me the most.

Words cannot describe the tastiness of these mother cluckin’ chicken strips and chips. Just go and try it for yourself honestly! You wouldn’t be disappointed.

Mother Clucker is on the high end of the price spectrum when it comes to serving fried chicken. £7 for the Cluck bun and £9 for chicken strips, chips and a drink. Okay, I can hear some of you people say “Ah the price is so high!” but many of you don’t complain when KFC are similarly priced? Also, if you’re a student with a valid student ID, you can get 50% off! All the more reason to visit Mother Clucker.

The Cluck Bun Burger

This burger is perhaps one of the best chicken burgers I’ve ever had. It’s really good, especially knowing the fact that it came out from a truck. Sandwiched between a soft brioche bun is the succulent freshly fried flavoursome chicken strips, topped with lettuce, cheese and lime mayo. This food truck can do some serious damage.

Mother Clucker Cluck Burger

Is Mother Clucker Halal

Do yourself a favour. Stop getting those dirty burgers from your local chicken shop and come down to Mother Clucker. You won’t understand what I’m talking about until you have had it for yourself.

The Mother Clucker Recipe

We loved Mother Clucker so much, we ended up doing some research in order to recreate the recipe. We learnt how to properly tea brine chicken, season and use buttermilk to create something amazing, much like Mother Clucker. You can find the Mother Clucker recipe for yourself here and give it a go from home!

Mother Clucker
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– All meat is halal from an HMC approved supplier

Mother Clucker Shop Location: 59-61 Roseberry Ave, EC1R 4SD

Other Locations: Find a Mother Clucker near you


Instagram: @motherclucker

Additional Information

Mother Clucker is a food truck which can be found in multiple locations. It is best to follow their Instagram on the day of your visit to find out where they will be and for opening times. Locations are usually announced daily. Also, if you have a valid student ID, you can get 50% off.

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Last modified: 4th May 2019