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Maison Du Mezze is a Lebanese restaurant in Leicester Square, London. Located 1 minute from the station, it is in the middle of the busy square, where street performers perform and red carpets are rolled out for celebrities. Maison Du Mezze stands out with their light blue restaurant and grand entrance. There is seating outside, for a more casual dining experience as well as for those who enjoy shisha. Inside, is also great, the decoration shows a lot of the Lebanese culture. Prayer mats, Islamic plates, vases, lanterns, vines, plants, stars and the moon are beautifully displayed around the restaurant. Not only does this place really portray Lebanon in such an elegant way, it also feels cosy.

We were invited down to try out the iftar menu they had put up for Ramadan. They actually are on our places to visit for Iftar, Ramadan list of 30+ restaurants. We chose to eat outside on this occasion, for a more casual dining experience. All the staff were super-friendly and attentive. Not only to us but to everyone around us as well. They have a set iftar menu, for each day of the week, at £35 per person. See the menu here.

Maison Du Mezze London Restaurant Review

Maison Du Mezze Halal Restaurant in Leicester Square

Lebanese Restaurant near Soho

The Iftar Menu at Maison Du Mezze

So we decided to dine outside since the weather was nice and the street performances were entertaining. So we could break our fast on time, a waiter poured us a glass of water with ice, along with some dates and dried roasted corn. The drinks were also served, which looked astonishing. We ordered the After Glow and Mojito mocktails. Just after the Maghrib Adhaan, we break our fast and the starters were served.

We got the lentil soup and vegetable soup for starters. Both the soups were served in a bowl made out of bread. It was the perfect meal to break the fast with. Comforting, warm and delicious. The bread supplemented the soup just right. The starter was huge and rather filling, we couldn’t finish it otherwise we wouldn’t have any space for the mains or even dessert.

The Lentil & Vegetable Soup

The lentil soup was thick and velvety with a nutty flavour. The bread accompanied with the soup was thick, so it held the soup inside well and did not get soggy. This soup was easy to enjoy. Especially with the soft, fluffy bread.

Maison Du Mezze Soup and Home Food

Places to eat for Iftar Ramadan London Maison Du Mezze

The vegetable soup was no exception. A wonderful heartwarming, soup, once again perfect for breaking your fast. As the sun came down, the weather got a little cold but the warmness of the soup made you feel almost homely as you dine outside. The soups vegetable stock gave it an irresistible smell and taste. It was seasoned very well, filled with carrots, peas, beans and small strands of vermicelli pasta. Just like the lentil soup, the bread with this soup was perfect.

Maison’s Mixed Cold Mezze Platter

The mixed cold mezze platter contained hummus, moutabel, Al-Rahib and labneh. In the middle of the platter, was some Warak Arish Mahshi. Vine leaves with stuffed barley, tomato and rice. The cold mezze platter is served with some black seeded flatbread.

Maison Du Mezze Lebanese Halal Restaurant

The hummus was served with some type of chilli powder, lightly sprinkled on top and tasted delightful. It was everything you expect from hummus. The moutabel is made from tahini and grilled aubergine. Tahini is toasted sesame seeds with oil. Along with the other ingredients incorporated in the moutabel, it gave it a very distinct, onion and garlic like flavour.

Labneh, a strained Greek tangy, thick, creamy yoghurt. This certainly had the mildest and calmest taste out of all the dips on Maison’s cold mezze platter. Last but not least on the cold platter was the Al-Rahib, which are aubergines, cooked over a fire, peeled and then mashed. Which gives it a smokey, pickled flavour. This was our favourite of all the dips. The warak arish was sour and soft. It was presented well amongst the dips and it tasted even better with the dips. Lebanese food definitely has a lot of Greek and Turkish influences upon it.

Amazing Lovely Mocktails

The mocktails from Maison Du Mezze were no exception. The mojito was just what you expect a mojito to be like. A subtle bitter taste from the mint leaves infusion, sour and lemony. The After Glow mocktail was our favourite. Made using passionfruit and orange, it had a lovely sour but sweet citrus-like taste. It was hard for us to not drink it all in one go, this is a drink we definitely will recommend.

Maison Du Mezze Mocktails and Shisha Leicester Square

The Steak & Chicken Tagine

From the iftar menu, we decided to try the steak and chips. The steak is served well done, with a side of chips. Along with it were some ketchup and peppercorn sauce. The first thing I noticed from the steak was that it had a nutty, earthy taste. Which we actually enjoyed. The peppercorn sauce, and a slice of chilli, really gave the steak more dimension as well as a surprising kick. After a generous starter, the steak was definitely enough food for one to feel full, especially during iftar.

The chicken tagine came with couscous. Presented on two separate plates, so you can mix and eat it however you want. The couscous was fluffy and cooked flawlessly. Instantly you can smell the broth of the chicken tagine, as it gave off a lovely scent of what smelt like chicken stock. The chicken was soft, and the potatoes inside would melt inside your mouth. When the broth and the couscous would mix, the couscous would embrace the flavour elegantly, giving it an ever-so glorious flavour.

Maison Du Mezze Ramadan Iftar Menu

Halal Food in Leicester Square Maison Du Mezze

Maison Du Mezze Leicester Square Halal Food

Maison Du Mezze Halal Restaurant in Soho

Katayef for Dessert

Katayef is a sort of dumpling which is common in the month of Ramadan. It had sort of a cream filling, topped with pistachio and rose syrup. This may not be a dessert for everybody and it was our first time trying it. Maison Du Mezze has a range of desserts ranging from Umali, an Egyptian bread pudding, all the way to Baklawa.

Maison Du Mezze Halal Restaurant near Soho

The service and attention at Maison Du Mezze were outstanding and very attentive. Kind, knowledgeable and very informative staff were always present. We even got to speak with the operations manager, who went through the description of each of the dishes with us. Every single staff, waiter and waitress from the moment we entered, throughout until we left, were extremely friendly and welcoming. If you are ever around in the area of Leicester Square, whether it be for a film or just a day out, we encourage you to try Maison Du Mezze!

Maison Du Mezze
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– Full halal menu
– No pork on the menu
– Alcohol and Shisha is served on the premises
– Child and family friendly establishment

Location: 14 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7NG


Instagram: @maison_du_mezze

Price for 1

Last modified: 4th May 2019