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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

A new authentic-looking, modern, Japanese x Phillipino ramen joint popped up in London and it has a 100% halal a la carte menu! Ramo Ramen takes the well-known staple dish from Japan and combines it with flavours from the Philippines.

They have a small but mighty menu with four options of Ramen which includes oxtail, chicken shrimp and clams. The average price for one bowl of ramen being £12 and all the starters (or snacks, as stated on the menu) were a good £5 each. Apart from eating at Pho Vietnamese and instant packet noodles, we have never actually had a proper bowl of ramen. Mainly due to the lack of halal options for ramen in London. So naturally, we were excited to check this place out.

Miso Maple Chicken Wings

This chicken was covered in a beautiful batter with a spicy miso glaze. Thick and steaming hot. Just by looking at it, I could tell it was going to be a ‘banging’ wing. From my experience from visiting different restaurants, often the batter can become soggy due to the glaze. However, at Ramo Ramen, it was different. The glaze complimented the glaze, the batter remained crunchy, whilst the chicken was succulent. You get this really pleasing kick of sweetness, with a subtle hint of spice and a little bit of tanginess. What a combination, it’s almost as if explodes in your mouth full of flavour. Try these chicken wings out!

Halal Ramen in London

Pan Fried Vegetable Gyozas

Gyozas are small Japanese dumplings made from a thin dough. We opted in for the vegetable gyoza. It was soft, with a filling of minced vegetables. The gyozas were pan-fried, you can see it from the marks and in my opinion, they were cooked perfectly. It couldn’t have been done any better. The flavour of the greens inside was subtle and but along with the soy vinegar, it made all the difference to the dumplings. It gave it a nice vinegary, salted, seasoned taste to each bite. If you’re going to eat gyozas then you gotta dip it too!

Ramo Ramen Halal Authentic Ramen

Oxtail Kare Kare by Ramo Ramen

Ramo Ramen isn’t just your Japanese ramen joint. First of all, they have a 100% halal a la carte menu. Secondly, they give ramen a different twist by combining Japanese cuisine and Philippine flavours together. Kare-Kare is a Phillippine stew, usually complemented with a savoury peanut sauce. Oxtail comes from the tail of a cattle. It often has large pieces of fat accompanied by the meat.

The bowl of Kare Kare Ramen was looking amazing, each ingredient beautifully placed inside, just like you see in the films and anime cartoons. Egg noodles, shredded oxtail kare kare, shiitake mushrooms, niitamago (marinated ramen eggs), spring onions, pea shoots and nori (edible dried seaweed).

Ramo Ramen Authentic Halal Ramen in London

Oxtail Ramen from in Kentish Town Camden

The filling was on top of a stew/soup which tasted of a beefy broth and was creamy. It had a strong mushroom flavour to it. The egg noodles were like no other that I have tasted before. The perfect thickness, cooked to the exact softness, oh my, I could perhaps eat those noodles on its own. But of course, they would be better with the ramen.

The oxtail had a nutty, earthy flavour. A mixture of fat and strips of meat can be found in the ramen. The oxtail meat was soft, tender and would simply melt in your mouth when you eat it. Especially the pieces of fat, they melted in the mouth as the flavour burst out.

The niitamago, ramen eggs, were soft, and the yolk was creamy. It went well with the overall ramen bowl, it wasn’t just your everyday boiled egg, but tasted like an upgraded version of it. The mushrooms were between cooked to a point where it still had that grape-like crunch but at the same time maintained a softness to it.

Chicken Sopas Ramen

Again, this ramen was beautifully presented and well laid out. Sitting in a chicken broth were the usual egg noodles, pulled abodo chicken, chicken chicharrones, ramen egg, menma (bamboo shoots), shiitake mushrooms, peashoots, nori (edible dried seaweed) and spring onions.

Is Ramo Ramen Halal

The chicken broth was creamy, velvety and had a little more kick to the stew but wasn’t overwhelming. The chicken was shredded into pieces, seasoned well, along with the egg noodles, a bite of this was superb. The ramen eggs (niitamago) was creamy in texture and full of flavour. It was also our first time having menma (bamboo shoots) and it certainly would not be our last. Soft, with a crunchy texture and covered with the flavour of the chicken broth, menma was delicious and perfect with the ramen.

I did however not enjoy the chicken chicharrones as much, it tasted a little like a crispy batter with oil oozing out of it when you bite into it. First of all, I must clarify, it’s not batter with oil but what I described is what it felt like I tasted. I did get to speak to the people at Ramo Ramen about it, who did let me know it’s something they were experimenting with and usually it is made differently.

Service and Atmosphere

The service was outstanding. The staff were extremely friendly and welcoming. Each table had authentic wooden ladles, chopsticks, chilli oil, sesame seeds and soy sauce. We didn’t really find the need to add anything extra, apart from some chilli oil in our chicken sopas ramen.

You can really tell there was a lot of thought, time and effort put behind Ramo Ramen. From the thick, wooden benches, posters on the wall, bonsai trees to custom wood furnishing on the ceiling. Also, I noticed the Godzilla character on the menu and at the back of you can actually find a little figurine of Godzilla hiding behind a bonsai tree. What a fun way to represent Japan. This place is definitely a place you need to visit and a place we will be coming back to!

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Ramo Ramen
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– A la carte menu is 100%
– This establishment does serve alcohol
– Child, family and group-friendly

Location: 157 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8PD

Website: www.ramoramen.com

Instagram: @ramoramen

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019