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A steakhouse, where you cook your own steaks on a hot rock plate, has newly opened in Commercial Street and it’s called RockIt. The steakhouse is located 1 minute from Aldgate East station and has plenty of tables and space for groups, families and friends. I assume the name RockIt has something to do with cooking your steak on a 400-degree stone plate.

They go by the statement of the “Best steaks in London” however I disagree because the steak is cooked by you. The steak can either be good or bad depending on your own ability. There were 8 of us, on a foodie meetup, when we visited.

Regardless to say that I was intrigued by a halal steakhouse with such a unique concept. All the main meals are served with a salad garnish and your choice of side. Every dish was served with a garnish of salad, which wasn’t fresh at all and made the food look tacky. Read until the end to find out the faults within the service.

Update from my latest visit: This restaurant still hires young and inexperienced staff. The food quality seems to have gone downhill and service has gotten worse. This place has great potential but needs much improvement.

The Starters: Halloumi and Brie Wedges

We ordered a collection of starters to share at the table. We got halloumi, served with watermelon. The halloumi was warm, with a nice toasty exterior and springy interior. I was surprised that it went so well with the thin slices of watermelon.

The brie wedges were deep fried with breadcrumbs and served with a cranberry jam. I could taste the oil from the breaded outer layer of the brie wedges, which wasn’t particularly enjoyable. Inside was a gooey melted milky cheese. I do recommend having these with the cranberry sauce as the sweetness plays with your taste buds and eliminates the taste of the oil coming from the breadcrumbs.

Halal Steak in London - RockIt Steakhouse

More Starters: Chicken Bites and Prawns
Chicken bites always sound like a good idea for starters. These chicken bites were coated in breadcrumbs, round and thin. They claim that it is tossed in ‘spicy flavours’. However, it was a different story when I bit into it. It tasted like it was made from a ready-made frozen packet. There were no signs of any spicy flavours or seasoning for that matter. The chicken was extremely average. I would not say it was worth the price of £5.99.

Now that brings me to the last item of starters we ordered. The garlic and chilli ‘king’ prawns. Notice the apostrophe in the word king. What was actually served as a small handful of shrimps drowned in a garlic sauce? Very disappointing for the price of £6.99. Shrimps drowned in some garlic? Not a good look. If I wanted shrimps I would have gone to Boondocks or Stax.

Drinks – Mocktails

We ordered some mocktails. I got the pina colada. Usually, I enjoy the silky texture of this drink along with the pineapple flavours. However, at RockIt, the Pina Colada was watered down and had none of the milkiness.

RockIt Steakhouse Aldgate Restaurant

The Concept of Cooking your own Steak at RockIt

So our table mainly ordered fillet and sirloin steaks. I went for the bone in sirloin steak. A sprinkle of sea salt is added to the blazing hot stone plate, then on goes the steak, which is then seared before it is served. The steaks were juicy and nice, I do recommend placing the steak on the side plate if you’re not eating it so it doesn’t overcook to well done. Unless that’s your preference.

The sirloin cooks fairly quickly as the cut isn’t thick. So if you want medium or less, you have to be quick and keep an eye on it. The fat from the steak melts onto the stone plate and spits everywhere, so it’s in your best interest to wear a bib. There is salt and pepper on the table if you need more seasoning although I do think they should have served it with some already applied to it.

Halal Steak around Aldgate

Halal Steak around Commercial St

Cook your Own steak at RockIt Steakhouse

RockIt Steakhouse London Restaurant Review

The sirloin steak overall was decent and the experience was fun to be cooking your own steak as you eat it. The fillet steak was much chunkier. So it takes longer to cook but with that being said, cooking it to a medium makes it notably soft, juicy and succulent. I preferred the fillet over the sirloin.

The plates are hot, at 400 degrees, so you have to be careful not to touch it, otherwise, the consequences will be bad. I got a side of sweet potato fries, a little soggy, I would have preferred it crisper. The side did slowly become cold as I was cooking the steak. Overall I found the steak was not enough, I was still hungry towards the end of my meal. Perhaps next time I should opt-in for the 1.2kg tomahawk steak?

The Customer Service + Conclusion

The customer service needs huge improvement. Very novice waiters and waitresses are hired in this place. Often misunderstanding and miscommunicating. When we ordered the bone on sirloin steak, the waiter had misplaced it and then proceeded to tell us that there was no such thing on the menu. It was a little disappointing that we were not told how to or given a demonstration on how to cook or handle our steaks. They left us to figure it out on our own.

The decor was alright but the air was full of smoke and fog coming from the oven and cooking of the steak. So it does get very hot inside and can make you cough. Ventilation can be seen all over the ceiling, however, I’m not sure how well it worked.

Is RockIt Steakhouse Halal Commercial St

There is a service charge added to the bill but I didn’t see any value in the service. No demonstration, no advice on how to cook the steak, inexperienced staff and we cooked our own steak anyway. If you visited RockIt I would love to know your thoughts on your experience and food. Comment below or connect with me on Instagram @HalalGrubbin.

RockIt Steakhouse
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– All the meat served is Halal
– Child and family-friendly establishment

Price for 1

Last modified: 3rd July 2018

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