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Bone Daddies - Halal Poke Bowl in Soho

Is Bone Daddies Halal? Japanese Ramen in Soho

Written by Asian / Pan Asian


We were in Shaftesbury Avenue and was craving ramen. Chinatown was nearby, but unfortunately, they didn’t have any halal ramen bowls we were aware of in the area. However, just in the corner of Peter Street, Soho – lived a wooden rustic looking place. In front of the door were some black jeans hanging down,...

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Harlem Soul - Halal American Diner in Old Street

Harlem Soul (Formerly Boondocks) – City Road

Written by American, Burgers


Is Harlem Soul Halal? Harlem Soul is halal and was formerly known as Boondocks. Located 2 minutes from Old Street station – Harlem Soul is part of ‘Feed your Soul family’ by Bea Vo. Restaurants part of the family include the Butterscotch London, and the infamous Stax Diner at Kingly Court, Carnaby, Soho....

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is the great chase halal

What the halal foodies are missing – The Great Chase, Clerkenwell

Written by British, Fine Dining


Whether it’s a weekday, weekend, birthday, anniversary or a casual night out – whatever the occasion The Great Chase delivers impressive plates of food and wait for it, it’s 100% halal with no alcohol present. When we walked into The Great Chase, we were greeted by a warm smile by the person behind the...

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Novikov Singaporean Noodles with Prawn Halal

Is Novikov Halal? Asian and Italian Restaurant Review

Written by Asian / Pan Asian, Fine Dining


It’s a beautiful evening, and you want to go out for some fine dining. The name Novikov appears, and you ask yourself the question, is Novikov halal? To answer your question, it’s partially halal. Novikov, located 2 minutes from Green Park station is situated in Mayfair – where a fleet of Arab supercars...

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The Great Chase Lamb Shank Halal

The Great Chase does Iftar for Ramadan – Halal British Cuisine

Written by British, Fine Dining


It’s more than a week into Ramadan now and we decided to dine out for Iftar. We chose The Great Chase. For Ramadan, they have a set iftar menu, at £26 per person and prayer facilities within the restaurant. The Great Chase is a halal British cuisine restaurant. On their Iftar menu, they offered a …...

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Mother Clucker Cluck Burger

Is Mother Clucker Halal? The Best Southern Fried Chicken in London


Mother Clucker Fried Chicken strips should be winning awards! So what makes Mother Clucker so cluckin’ good? Well, first of all, I send my deepest apologies to Colonel Sanders. I believe the strips from Mother Clucker would bury KFC. Bold statement. Where do we start? Mother Clucker serves only halal chicken and...

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Boondocks City Rd, Old Street American Diner London Halal

Boondocks Brunch – Halal Brunch in City Road, Old St, London

Written by American, Brunch


I visited Boondocks London for Brunch. When I first visited Boondocks, I was disappointed with the food, but this time I wanted to try out their brunch menu. Boondocks is part of the Feed Your Soul family of restaurants. The Feed Your Soul family includes Stax Diner, the Famous Flames and Butterscotch London. Every...

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Boondocks Old Street London

Is Boondocks Halal? American Diner in Old St Review

Written by American, Burgers, Gourmet


Boondocks! Halal Burgers, Milkshakes, Chicken and Waffles! If you have ever been around Oxford Circus, Carnaby Street, there is a place called Stax Diner with exceptional Southern American food. Well, Boondocks is Stax Diner’s larger, but young sister joint. An amplified version of Stax Diner, with a few extras....

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The Breakfast Club Hoxton

Is The Breakfast Club Halal? A Great Vegetarian Brunch!

Written by American, Brunch, Vegetarian


By far the best vegetarian meal I have ever had thus far. The Breakfast Club has various different branches from Hoxton all the way to Soho. It is a rather busy place with queues usually going around the building. They serve the most amazing all day breakfast but unfortunately, they’re not halal! Any meat-eater...

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen GBK Review

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Halal Exclusive Ninja Burger and Panko Chicken

Written by Burgers, Gourmet, Quick Bite / Fast Food


For all my halal-goers, I’d like to inform you that all the chicken are halal from GBK (hurray). Panko crumbed chicken used for burgers is cooked in 100% rapeseed oil in a fryer SPECIFIED FOR CHICKEN ONLY. However, the grilled chicken is cooked alongside other non-halal meat on the grill, therefore, making it...

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