The Burger Box – Halal Burger Joint in Acton, London

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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

We were recently invited to go eat at The Burger Box in Acton. In the centre of Ealing Common, Acton Town and Acton Central is a halal burger joint by the name of The Burger Box. We visited this place on a Friday at 11:30 pm. Regardless of the time, as soon as we walked in we were greeted by the kind staff, who then seated us and gave us a menu.

The Burger Box is fully halal and does not serve any alcohol, located near Uxbridge Road, Acton. The Burger Box uses grass-fed, organic, meat.

Halal Restaurant in Uxbridge Road

The staff were really friendly and helpful. They even took the time to find out when the Underground stations closed when we asked. The staff really went above and beyond to ensure our experience at The Burger Box was quality. They weren’t only super-nice to us, but to everybody who was inside and to those who also came in after us.

We had a pretty long day and were looking forward to the burgers. From the menu, we got the Bane Burger and the Boxer burger meals. For the drinks, we went with a Box Punch and Oreo milkshake.

The Burger Box – Bane Burger

We believe this burger is named after an infamous fictional character from Batman, the Bane Burger. It comes with its own special bane sauce, grass-fed beef patty, lettuce, caramelised onions, vine tomato and Monterey Jack cheese. It’s contained within a buttery, soft, fluffy brioche bun. The patty was cooked to well-done and was smashed on a flat iron grill. They remained juicy and soft.

The Bane Burger from the Burger Box Acton

The Bane sauce tasted like tartar and salad cream mixed together. So a slightly tangy taste but it went well with the burger, complimented by the sweetness of the caramelised onions. We were also offered a variety of sauces, The Burger Box had a good array of sauces to choose from Chipotle Mayo, smoked BBQ, Bane sauce, Joker sauce and the classic ketchup. We didn’t feel the Bane burger needed any extra sauces, it was quite filling on its own and for a price of £7.49, it came with fries and a drink. A cheap London eat or what?

The Boxer Burger Meal

This burger is packed with two 4oz juicy grass-fed smashed beef burger patties, lettuce, crispy fried onions, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese, Hickory BBQ sauce, Mayo, House relish, sliced pickles, maple coated smoked turkey bacon and French’s American mustard. The brioche burger once again was soft, fluffy and buttery. The burger was juicy and succulent. The pickles really gave it a nice touch, the turkey bacon was smokey and crisp! Each bite contained a surprise. Sometimes you get a bit of spicy relish. Or sometimes you get a sweet and smokey flavour from the maple covered turkey bacon.

The Burger Box Halal Acton - The Boxer Burger

The crispy onions gave the burger a nice touch with the crisp-texture and onion flavour. I decided to put some burger sauce on my burger because it’s one of my favourite sauces and I could not resist. It made a nice burger even better.

Fries and Drinks

The fries and drinks are included with the meal. The fries were crispy on the outside and fluffy, soft and warm on the inside. Freshly cooked and delicious, you can continuously eat these fries without getting tired. The Box Punch drink tasted like a tropical juice, it was refreshing, especially on this humid night. I got a taste of mango, pineapple and what I thought to be lychee in this juice. You know what would make this punch even better? Turning it into a frozen slushy! The Oreo shake was heavenly. There were no oreo bits because it was blended so smoothly but the shake was thick, cold, tasty and you really can taste the Oreo flavour and cream.

Burgers and Milkshake in Acton

This place had a good burger, it reminded me a lot of Siirgista Bros. The service from The Burger Box was top-notch, amazing and attentive too.

The Burger Box
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– Fully halal menu and establishment
– No Alcohol is served on this establishment
– Group, family and child-friendly

Location: 265 High St, London W3 9BY


Instagram: @theburgerboxuk

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Last modified: 4th May 2019