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Price for 2
(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

It’s more than a week into Ramadan now and we decided to dine out for Iftar. We chose The Great Chase. For Ramadan, they have a set iftar menu, at £26 per person and prayer facilities within the restaurant. The Great Chase is a halal British cuisine restaurant. On their Iftar menu, they offered a 3-course meal, complimentary dates, water, bread and butter.

The Great Chase Islington Halal British Cuisine

The Great Chase Iftar Set Menu

There’s a selection of 3 different options for starters, 4 for mains and 3 for dessert. Additionally, they have a dry bar located at the front where they make the most amazing non-alcoholic cocktails.

Our Experience

From the moment we were greeted, the staff were super friendly, seated us and gave us a drink menu. If we had any questions, they were happy to explain. We were given a map of how the evening was going to be. Order drinks before iftar, because they will be all made at the bar at the same time so it can be served on time. Snack on dates and bread while you wait for starters.

Once the starters are served, women have the chance to go and pray first and then the men go second as a group. Everything was served in a timely fashion and the staff were extremely attentive.

The Great Chase Clerkenwell Islington

The Best Halal Cocktails

We have had mocktails before but it wasn’t anything like what we experienced at The Great Chase. These were non-alcoholic cocktails. Made from cordial and other ingredients. We chose the pineapple bay and Palamino cocktails to accompany our Iftar.

The Great Chase Halal Cocktail Bar

The pineapple bar had a sour taste, you really get a kick of orange flavours and the overall drink was citrusy. This was my favourite out of the two. The Palamino was a bit more bitter, but not overpowering, with a lemony, sherbet, citric taste. Both drinks went down fast, the dry bar at The Great Chase is definitely one worth trying.

The Great Chase Starters

After breaking our fast with some good dates and bread we were given our starters. We chose to go with crispy prawns, in a bed of green miso, sesame and hemp. We also got the pulled beef croquettes, in a bed of rose harissa paste.

The Great Chase Crispy Prawn Islington Halal

The Great Chase Halal British Cuisine

The pulled beef croquettes were covered in breadcrumbs, on a bed of some chilli oil paste, which gave it a wonderful kick. The croquettes had a crunchy exterior and a very hot soft, fluffy potato and beef mix interior. The bed of chilli definitely was balanced well with the potato and beef filling.

We really enjoyed the crispy prawn starters too. They were spiced and seasoned well. The prawn had a grape-like crunch texture, with a dollop of mayo-herb sauce to go along with it. The shell of the prawn was crisp and carried a lot of flavours.

BBQ Glazed Chicken

These weren’t just any old ordinary BBQ glazed chicken, the Great Chase managed to get exceptional flavour into these. It had a maple BBQ sauce and base. You really can taste the BBQ sauce, which is then followed by the gentle sweetness of the maple. We were served a chicken drumstick, breast and what seemed to be grounded chicken, rolled in date and pistachio stuffing.

The BBQ Glazed Chicken by The Great Chase

The Great Chase BBQ Chicken Main

The skin was crisp and full of the same sweet BBQ flavour. The chicken drumstick was my favourite from the chicken, in the second came the chicken stuffed with pistachio and dates. The pistachio really gave the chicken an extra crunch within. You wouldn’t expect dates and pistachio to go so well with chicken and BBQ sauce but the Great Chase did an amazing job.

The chicken breast was a little dry in the middle, although fortunately there was a lovely generous bed of sauce around it. So for each slice of chicken breast, a good swipe of sauce was needed.

The Lamb Shank

This is our first time eating lamb shank and I’m glad it was from The Great Chase. The lamb was so tender, the meat would fall off the bone. Succulent, fleshy, tender and soft red meat. Covered in a crispy fat which melted in the mouth, bursting with flavour, conducted with a minty green miso and buttermilk sauce. No meat was left on the plate, this dish was especially good. All the mains were served with a side of butter beef potatoes and broccoli.

The Great Chase Lamb Shank Halal

The Dessert

Who doesn’t love dessert? We opted for the chocolate, strawberries, vanilla and hazelnut dessert. Additionally, we got the whipped cheesecake, cookie crumb, melon and basil dessert too.

The chocolate strawberry dessert was essentially chocolate mousse, covered with slices of strawberry, sprinkled with hazelnuts and strawberry syrup. A really simple dessert, which was not too heavy, complimented the ending of our iftar.

The Great Chase Whipped Cheesecake

The Great Chase Strawberry Chocolate Dessert

The whipped cheesecake also did itself justice. It had a mousse-like texture, was not heavy and had a creamy, cheese, lemony taste. Surrounded by chocolate biscuit crumbs and smears of melon sauce. It was also topped with small soft balls which we were told were “watermelon balls”.


Overall the dining experience, Iftar menu and vibe at The Great Chase was exceptional. They delivered in a timely manner, with surpassing service and the quality of the food was phenomenal. We look forward to visiting The Great Chase again in the future.

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The Great Chase
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– Fully halal menu
– No alcohol served on the premises
– Group, family and child-friendly

Location: 316 St. John Street, Clerkenwell, EC1V 4NT


Instagram: @thegreatchaserestaurant

Additional Information

The Iftar menu for Ramadan is a set menu, with 3 courses, at £26 per person. The Iftar comes with complimentary bread, dates and water.

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019