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(Last Updated On: 4th May 2019)

We visited two branches of The Urban Chocolatier, in East London, Whitechapel and Ilford. We can confirm the Ilford branch is bigger than the Whitechapel branch. Also, somewhat livelier.

The Banana Split and Tropical Twister

We first went to the Whitechapel branch where we ordered a banana split and cookie dough. The staff felt half-dead and the atmosphere was dull. The cookie dough wasn’t too great either. We also got the Banana Split from the Whitechapel branch. The banana was solid from being frozen making it really hard to eat. Overall this is perhaps an oversized kids dessert with sprinkles, frozen banana and 3 scoops of ice cream.

The tropical twister was as expected. Nice and simple however a bit too strong on the flavoured syrup. The presentation would not blow you away and can easily be mistaken for a glass of orange juice with ice.

The Urban Chocolatier – Ilford

With a not so great experience at Whitechapel, we decided to go try The Urban Chocolatier in Ilford. First of all, it’s bigger than the Whitechapel branch, has plenty of booths and is decorated with neon lighting. We were shown to a booth and given a menu. We ordered a regular cookie dough and another with brownies. I was hoping the Ilford branch would revive the reputation of Urban Chocolatier for us.

Here are some more pictures from The Urban Chocolatier. Pictured is the Chocolate Souffle, Cookie Dough, Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cheesecake.

The Urban Chocolatier London Restaurant Review

Dessert in London The Urban Chocolatier

The Urban Chocolatier Halal Grubbin Dessert Review

The Urban Chocolatier Halal Dessert Review

Dessert Places in East London

Service was quick and smooth. The food was perfect. Generous and presentable ice-cream ‘shot’ served with the cookie dough. The staff was extremely kind compared to the staff at the Whitechapel branch who was half-dead. We also revisited the Ilford branch again, but this time with a larger group. On this occasion, we tried the Lotus Biscoff cheesecake.

The Cookie Dough

All the cookie dough comes with a shot of ice cream placed in the middle. Perfect! The hot and cold combination makes it ten times more delicious than eating cookie dough alone. The cookie dough had a gooey texture with a soft-crispy crust. It was hot. Combined with the ice-cream, it gives the perfect textured balance in your mouth. The cookie dough with the brownies was pretty much the same, except it had brownie pieces all over it.

The cookie dough can sometimes be very sweet, almost too sweet for one person to finish alone. It may be best to share one cookie dough between 2 people.

The Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake

A beautiful slice of Lotus Biscoff cheesecake. The cheesecake had a nice thickish vanilla flavour, with caramel sauce drizzled all over. The caramel came through very well with a Lotus Biscoff base and crumbs sprinkled all over. This cheesecake was great and something I would get again.

I would love to know if you visited The Urban Chocolatier, what you enjoy from there and your experience. Leave a comment below or connect with us on Instagram @HalalGrubbin. Also, if you have a sweet tooth, why not give our recipe of Sahlab a try. An Arab Beverage, also known as the Hot Chocolate of the Middle East.

Urban Chocolatier
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– Child and family-friendly establishment

Location: 9 Davenant St, London E1 5NB

Other Locations: Find a Urban Chocolatier near you


Instagram: @theurbanchocolatier

Price for 2

Last modified: 4th May 2019